Split Snowboard Binding Backs

Snowboard bindings? What! It’s getting into summer when I’m posting this, so it’s a bit strange to even think about snow – but hay! Like a good Minnesotan, in summer I wish for winter, and in winter I wish for summer! These bindings are split down the back, adjusting the cant of the high back for “greater support and control.” Better for your ankles? Better for your mind. But you can’t be too furry! It’ll get caught in there.

Also check out the aluminum block holding all the straps and high back in place. What’s up with your knowledge of straps? In skateboarding, as well as with snowboarding, the only thing the average first-time buyer of a setup is the design of the board. Pretty skulls and gore and knives and whatnot. Are these designed for you, the audience reading this post?

Also, what kind of bindings do you use now?

Designer: Joshua Benjamin Harris