Why Sprinkles Don’t Have Earth-Shattering Designs

Although some folks really swear by their green thumbs, most of the population tends to their gardens for formality sakes. This is probably why we don’t see many concepts for the gardening community on YD. To rectify the situation, allow me to introduce the Water Wheel Lawn Sprinkler System. What’s cool about this rolling lawn sprinkler is that it harnesses the power of water pressure to propel itself forth on the garden hose (which it uses as a track) and get about the business of watering your garden.

Once you lay out the hose around the garden, this wheely rolls over it and sprinkles your precious greens with thirst-quenching water.

As Matty confesses, “In this project I attempted to break free from the average idea of a sprinkler.”

Designer: Matthew Wyatt Martin


  • Carl says:

    my dog would love this toy.

  • Lamah says:

    I can’t see this thing travelling without falling over for more than a few seconds.

    In what way does this improve on a simple soak hose?

    • Lamah says:

      Ah, also, with the design as shown, this thing is going to have to drag an increasing (doubled up) length of hose behind it. I don’t believe in a million years that the water pressure would be enough to achieve this.

      Even if it did, as far as I can see, you’d need higher pressure at the end of the run compared to the start. Otherwise the travelling speed would decrease as it went along. This won’t make for a very well watered lawn.

  • Similar ideas have been around for quite awhile. I remember using one back in the 1980’s. Here’s an example: http://www.amazon.com/Rittenhouse-Walking-Sprinkler-Tractor/dp/B000ENTQDA

    As Lamah mentioned, there are some problems with dragging that much hose (and full of water) around the yard. At some point the weight of the hose and water drag it to a halt though you can avoid that by carefully laying out your path. The ability to lay a path using the hose is great though! It was the best sprinkler I ever owned because you didn’t have to constantly move it around (it moved itself).

  • pixelbath says:

    The tractor design at least has the benefit of traction, and likely uses an internal turbine system, which is going to generate far more torque to enable it to go over things like: a bug, a piece of mulch, or thick grass (design of a hideous farm tractor notwithstanding).

    I could easily see this thing slipping on the hose (it has no way to grip it that I can see), or rolling sideways, or simply spinning in place.

  • robin says:

    this design is FAR superior to the tractor design for areas with limited space. People forget that when the tractor moves it drags a loop of hose that is getting larger and larger an can easily slice thru flowers, vegetable plants and the like. I’s like to know if this is available for purchase?

    • Lamah says:

      Robin, this design does exactly the same. How else could it use the hose as a track? Where would the hose that it has just run over go?

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