The Devil’s Upside-Down Guitar

Hear the words of Yi-Luen Tan, this guitar’s “an evolution of man’s quest to create a figure and form that resonates sonically, visually, and philosophically of the times in which he resides.” Whoa doggy. The balance is different – less weight in the neck. But the ability to tune from the body, is it worth it? How well will you strum? At what cost a new ax?

The tuners are in the base of the body. Roller bearings are used for bridge, Boron Polytrinate for the nut. Boron Polytrinate is, and I quote, “It is a very resonate chemically graphed polymer (15% more sustain than steel)” – so says the folks at Graph Tech, makers of the String Saver, which also employs the same material.

Wood sourced from Queensland (go Australia!) Lace Alumitone pickups for their 70% reduced weight (over “conventional pickups” – so says Tan), and clear tone.

Some words from Tan

More than any of this, the guitar is simply a great guitar to play. The maple body gives it a smooth, rounded tone, while the walnut cap adds sustain. Combined with the Alumitone pickups, the overall tone is bright, full and clear. The body contours make it very comfortable to play and its ergonomics are second to none. To the untrained eye, it is a very different to existing designs; to the avid guitar player, it is completely different to anything out there, both in appearance and feel.

I suspect problems with tuning. More than this, a difficulty with getting used to the weight by “guitar veterans.” But the look! The look!

Just look at it!

Designer: Yi-Luen Tan