Paris Hilton Eaten by Bullet-Proof Tiger

Here’s a concept closer to advertising than Yanko usually likes to get, but it’s for an extremely important cause: endangered wild animals. Animals that, given the chance, would rip your freaking head off! But they are endangered. So do not kill them, please. Instead, ADDI design group wishes for you to design products for those deadly beasts who need to be saved for extinction.

Won’t you design?

Generally I don’t do direct quotes, as it leads to total theft! But in this case, let’s be socialistic about this information, because it’s important that everyone have it:

[Animal Concept] A dog who lives most of it´s days carried around in an expensive handbag, doesn´t need a cammoflague hoddie and a small cap over it´s ears. There are a few others who we should give at least the same attention.

This concept is not a solution for the endangered species, It´s purpose is to show one of the many areas where people could have done something good with our knowlage, instead we keep our eyes closed. Hopefully you won´t support cheap crap anymore, save your money for those who really need to be saved.

So take notes:

The Polarbears are drowning because of the ice that are melting. They have to swim up to 100 km to find food. Global warming needs to be stopped.


Because of illegal hunting, The Bengal Tiger have drasticly reduced in numbers by 95% since 1910. Please don´t shoot!

Save the woodlands.
Save the rain forest.
Save the caps.

Designer: Addi Design Group


  • Anonymous says:

    lmao the title is hilarious

  • Radhika Seth says:

    The Bengal Tiger was once the pride of India, but responsible, educated people from the community have been known to hunt them for game. Today if you go to the Sundarbans you will be lucky to find even a trail let alone a big cat! Not just the tigers, these trigger-happy so-called educated politicians and talented actors from the country, will kill any deer, bird or black buck, just for the heck of it. These who portray themselves to be the next-best thing to humanity, are in reality nothing but cold-blooded murderers.

  • tiago says:

    Paris Hilton is also known for her bad taste of wearing fur.

  • Todd Dunning says:

    I’m a board member of a tiger rescue sanctuary. . Yes, tigers are in jeopardy. They eat people, which is bad PR that I wish they were sensitive to.

    However the claim that polar bears are also endangered is patently false. Their numbers are improving year after year. And the claim that they are drowning because of lack of ice ignores some basic scientific facts:

    1. They swim.
    2. The ice pack is increasing.
    3. When ice melts, water levels do not rise

    The photographer who took the polar bear on the ice floe photo has blogged often about how her photo was misused.

    • Eric says:

      They swim yes, however they have to swim farther to get food now. There were 4 recorded drownings directly caused by the ice pack regression of 05 alone.
      “Of the 19 recognized polar bear sub populations, 5 are declining, 5 are stable, 2 are increasing, and 7 have insufficient data.”-Wiki
      The water level rising is from things like Greenland melting and flowing into the ocean. Not ice in the ocean melting…
      Half the facts don’t create reality, all the facts do. Research polar bears more if you know tigers better!
      P.s. You’re right they are not considered endangered. Actually they are classified as a vulnerable species…

  • Todd Dunning says:

    Eric – “Half the facts don’t create reality, all the facts do.” I agree completely. Before claims are made that polar bears are endangered, let’s bring some observed facts. And not supplied by Al Gore.

  • saintjam says:

    Paris, you is you.How can you did do.?If tiger want your skin…oooh my god,what we will do.?bumerang yeah..!!!

  • Tyler says:

    This concept’s validity seems to be controversial, but one thing is for sure, putting a bright orange life jacket on a polar bear is a bad idea.

  • Cromagnum says:

    I have to say that Sea-Kittens are rather delicious, especially with a little salt and pepper.

    Now i can think of another endangered species on our planet that is being slaughtered by the millions by those evil humans. The fetus. Its almost soylent green.

    Earth First, we’ll strip mine the other planets later

  • I think Paris is so very pretty girl beautiful eyes but also so very wild

  • I think Paris is so very pretty girl beautiful eyes but also so very wild

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