Top 10 Speakers Designs at Sound Innovation

The list that you see here reflects how the designers have incorporated a simplistic every-day value to their complex technological design. In my mind I see the common thread of mundane objects being inspirational and incidental. Can you see the beautiful lampshade in the Gramo or the pots in the Sound Eggs? I do, I’m just waiting for you to catch up with me!

10) On-Time by Pedro Gomes: In reality it’s a futuristic clock-bracelet, and I agree. This multi purpose design allows it to be used as a headset as well as a fashion accessory! Functions include vibrating incoming call alerts and a LCD touchpad screen. Give me some Bangles now!

9) Exflowde by Sunghyun Kyung: Do you see the demographics of a mountain or a topographical representation of the hillside? Takes me back to Geography class, but quite simply, the design does include 2D graphic signals that reflect the sound with a light show. Spectacular!

8 ) Sound Eggs by Ilshat Garipov: Aww, they are cute little pots that could have been crafted by any gifted artisan. The designer has his take on the idea as well. He says that they are a hash of egg yolks and dancing dolls! Cute!

7) Gramo by Pekka Salokannel: This design screams lampshade! Invert it on top of the vase and it’s the perfect décor item. Although its been inspired by a gramophone, we can slide that perception by.  The beauty of the concept is that it features solar panels, making it wear the eco-friendly tag proudly. Versatile and portable!

6) Sound bucket by Ran Amitai: Stating the obvious, lets kick this bucket a bit! This MP3 speaker is as delightful as the beach ball. It hooks on your peripherals to the rim and the silicon skin kind of makes it waterproof.  Be sure to take this out with your beach bum friends!

5) Soundshelf by Witek Stefaniak and Anielka Zdanowicz: Ok, dingy apartment, no room for anything….does this sound familiar to you? How about a speaker that camouflages its existence, merges into the walls and creates a sense of space. Real Estate utilized at its best.

4) Cure by Chung-Lin Lin: It won’t be a bitter pill this one. Music takes control and soothes your nerves; the jagged pill that cures, heals your soul! “Song Sung Blue… Me and you are subject to the blues now and then!”

3) Soundflo by Dominik Chojnacki & Marta Lewicka: An effort to lose the Stank Odors, we did use some balloons, but this here takes the cake in Party Favors. SoundFlo is actually a helium balloon with Bluetooth, but is that why I like it? No, I like it for its luminous looks. Like a ghost it flits around, bouncing off walls…oh I can picture my cat chasing it as well!

2) Growing Sound by Minho Choi: Creepers, yes, creepers growing on wall, that’s what comes to mind when you spy this beauty. Not only does it bring out the décor of the room, it also grows onto you! Bring the forest to your room, let the party begin!

1) Pile & Sound by Moises Hernandez: Ton of bricks, piles of stone, whatever the metaphor, does it really matter? As long as we get good music sound and eye-candy, we are ok.

The list is completely random and chooses not to negate the efforts by Designboom.