Fat Before a Visit to the Loo, Skinny After

You know they say you’re a few pounds lighter after a seated visit to the loo, it’s true. Designer Haikun Deng designed a toilet seat with a built-in digital scale but her rationale behind its conception is a bit counter productive. It’s designed for women who are constantly monitoring their weight. The need to feel skinny is satisfied every time they finish the “doo.”

I have 2 concerns. Should we really be designing products to reinforce people’s self doubts and esteem problems? Secondly I thought you could only get an accurate weight reading standing up or completely suspended.

Actually I just thought of a 3rd concern. The protagonist in Haikun’s illustrations is clearly skinny. She shouldn’t be worried about being fat. See, SEE what the media is doing to us! Now excuse me while I go on a food binge.

Designer: Haikun Deng


  • Iperpaolo says:

    ahaha 🙂

  • MadCow says:

    its potty training for women who don’t like to do their duty!

  • LOL, thats very useful. if your nutri – obssesed

  • speps says:

    I’ve always wanted to know how much Courics (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courics) I do.

  • Mixel says:

    You should make a game of it: Try to lose as much weight in one “session”.

  • Kidder says:

    I think you may be right about how you need to stand on a scale to get an accurate reading. I believe it’s something to do with how your weight is more concentrated on the soles of your feet (due to your centre of gravity being above your feet when standing). However, when you sit down, the centre of gravity shifts and is no longer positioned above the point of contact (i.e. your butt ^-^). Also the force becomes more distributed due to the larger area of the human butt.

    • eeedel says:

      If you elevate your legs parallel to the ground you MAY be able to get somewhat of an accurate reading from that thing… possibly.

  • Kidder says:

    Lol, also I keep get this disturbing feeling that the bunny wants to kiss the toilet seat…


  • aris says:

    One way to ensure you other half stays regular.

    PS. At least the protagonist is not leaning over the toilet.

  • Chris says:

    “Also the force becomes more distributed due to the larger area of the human butt.”

    Distribution of weight doesn’t make a person weigh any less. Different contact points might have different pressures on them, but the toilet seat has the person’s entire weight put on it.

    Also, I think that there would be better products for curing people’s weight obsession. Its an interesting idea, but no go for me.

  • winnie says:

    i wont “doo” any more if there‘s one on my toilet

  • julia says:

    I can see the guys trying to test there strenght on this one…

    dont know why but my house mates feel the need to test there clasp strengt by sqeesing my scales…

  • dean says:

    I can see this obsession leading to laxative abuse and trying to lose 10 pounds really quickly…

  • rayelle says:

    hahaha that’s great!

  • Manley says:

    I weighed myself before and after every poo for 40 weeks (to match my wife’s pregnancy).

    It was intriguing, to say the least (personal record: 8.2lbs).

  • Emily says:

    really so care about weights???
    cannot beleive~~
    I haven’t weighed myself for a 1 year
    so what? i’m still slim~~

  • powers says:


    Twice a year YANKO ought to to a highlight of the funniest/wackiest designs that pass through. This would make that list. Wow. Wow.

  • Eric says:

    What’s funny to me is that someone who is bulimic (very weight conscious) won’t get to see how much their barf weighed because they are on their knees, not their ass… Hmmm I’m thinking a scale built into a rug then? More satisfied customers! 😉

  • Comedy Blog says:

    I feel 10 lbs lighter…

  • T says:

    haha, where can i get one?

  • Haikun Deng says:

    Frankly saying, the designer is not Japanese, but Chinese.

  • Dan says:

    Isn’t that the bunny from the “There she is!” animations? 😛

  • Lisaa says:

    Those of us who use a wheelchair and can’t stand up on a scale could use this one.

  • Sarchiapone says:

    I had the same idea more or less two years ago…SHIT

  • f3rn4nd0 says:

    …and another under the chair during the dinner ?

  • Henrique Staino says:

    It’s nice to know how much you have pooed more than how much you’ve lost!

  • Tommy says:

    I could see some drunken games appearing with this toilet seat! haha

  • Güncel blog says:

    haha good 🙂

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  • E Townsend says:

    I’ve been following this item all over the internet trying to find a place to buy it!! Never mind women using it, our bottoms are too big to see that side dial. But for little kids who won’t sit long enough on the potty, this would be a gem!!
    PLEASE PLEASE tell me it is really on the market and I can buy a half dozen for my nieces and nephews!!

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