Lamp Under Lock & Key

Designer Hyun-Woo Sim likens life’s precious moment’s to a lock that only you have a key to. The Key Lamp follows that premise. To turn it on a key has to be used to move the switch to the on position, and vice versa. Novel as it is, I want one just for the sheer enjoyment of watching my partner drive himself mad trying to turn the damn thing off. Haha, if you want the key, come and get it. I love that game, don’t you? ^_^

Designer: Hyun-Woo Sim


  • manzin says:

    But you still can unplug it :p

  • prodmod says:

    no mention about the swooshing lampshade? I guess you can place a cloth over the bulb? I hope its not incandescent.
    For some reason, I really do love the novelty of the key switch idea. Haven’t seen it before.

  • tryn says:

    I think there’s a reason that we haven’t seen the key switch before…

  • Eric says:

    Hahaha lol!!! It’s pretty bad!

  • MACC says:

    Awesome way not to go nuts trying to find your home/car keys every time you wanna go out if you’re forced to leave them hanging on your lamp.

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