Holiday “DO WANT!” Gift Guide 2008

The holidays are right around the corner so there’s no time like the present to make out your shopping list. Having trouble thinking of something for that family or friend really into modern design? Or perhaps you feel like treating yourself to something special for being extra good this year. Check out our DO WANT! Holiday Gift Guide after the jump. There’s a little something for everyone. Check back often as we continue to add more items. Have a suggestion? Leave a comment!



  • iynque says:

    B-but…… there’s no links! Pictures are nice, but how do I buy any of it without a link or at least a name I can google?

    If only Google images let you search by uploading a picture to find on a webpage….

    • Mark Braccus says:

      If you click on the thumbnails, you’ll see a bigger image with a price tag. Click the price.

  • John Q says:

    there are a couple of nice things, but too expensive for what they are; 115 dollars for gloves?….

    • Eric says:

      Once I saw a $13,000 chocolate sundae on Food Network; from then on I could understand (more or less) $500 sunglasses (which aren’t on this list yet!) and a million dollar car (which isn’t here either!) All of which are ridiculous for what they are. But what’s EVEN worse?! The fact that those products won’t go anywhere because it sells. That’s not just ridiculous, but pathetic. A $13,000 sundae? Ps. Love, love, LOVE the Oeuf be good Squeeze-Me Mittens! And I don’t think this is listing “the most expensive,” just the well designed and in SOME cases, yes $115 gloves.

  • Markus says:

    This list is fantastic! My wife has no excuse this year. 🙂

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