Sewing in the Beats Like I’m Vivienne Westwood

In our modern internet age, designing things that can be fully put together and taken apart (physically or digitally), is generally a good idea. But sometimes, bridges to nowhere bring you to the strangest places! Presenting the hottest new device to make sound visible.

Who would have guessed it’d be a sewing machine?

I say bridge to nowhere because once the sound is in the fabric, another device’d have to be designed to decipher it! It works in Japan with QRCodes, why not here? Let’s do it!

Design duo SOUNDS.BUTTER™ spread it on thick:

The intention for this project was to make sound visible. As there is already a variety of ways in which sounds can be seen (equalizers, sub-titles, etc.), my aim was to produce a device where that representation of sound would be a physical one. I therefore used the sewing machine as the basis for the project as I feel it is synonymous with industry, and making physical products.

That’s right, there are plenty of other devices that make sound visible.

Any more made recently?

Also, do you suppose Miss Vivienne Westwood, design queen, would use this device if it were made real?

Be sure to check out Yanko Design [Sound], and keep the beats rolling in all shapes, sizes, and manifestations.

Designer: Sounds.Butter Studio [ Via: SwissMiss ]