Foodies Rejoice, Eat Right From The Pot

If you’re like me then you love eating but hate the clean up. Many a time I’ve eaten straight out of the pot just because I didn’t want to deal with washing plates later. The Pot Plate is the perfect solution. Cook your food inside and use the compartmentalized lid as a serving tray.

That ain’t all folks. The lid doubles as a pot stand and the handle is a freakin’ timer, BRILLIANT! If you’re cooking something that requires pressure adjustment, the handle pops off. Damn, tell me this thing will prep and cook the food by itself and I’m sold!

Designers: Joongho Choi & Hyunsoo Choi


  • Armin says:

    + eating straight out of the hot lid keeps your food hot longer. and you can always grab the cold handles, unlike with ther dishes, where every area is either hot or cold.

  • superstar says:

    wow. I want one to eat ramen LOL.
    how much it’s and where can I get one?

  • cki says:

    will hate to clean the grease out of the tiny cracks around the pot stand and timer areas. BTW, I always eat my ramen out of the pot I cooked in. Great concept but I think it needs to be simplified a wee bit.

  • Chloe says:

    too complicated to eat.

  • Chris2046 says:

    buy 1 get all free

  • Carl says:

    nice idea, perhaps not for europe but asia. great use of handles and auxilary products.. get it made..!

  • Clairette says:

    Very smart idea ! I love it !

  • Madisyn says:

    LOVE this! It would be great for someone living alone – no need for plates when you’re by yourself.

  • uteute says:

    nice idea, but it won´t work, because someone who eats out of a pot, won`t buy such a gadget….

  • rory says:

    @ uteute: why do u think so?
    i live alone and wud love to buy this.. jus needs a lil simplifying..

  • josh says:

    lid = 1 plate with 4 divisions, not 4 plates.

  • Ray says:

    Removing the handle from a hot lid might be more trouble than it’s worth

  • moh says:

    in the name of god
    very good!

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