Make Dinning Delicacies with Ease

The Sook Cut is a three-part concept by Adam Brodowski that makes delicious meals out of ingredients you may not know how to combine. The cutting board (Sook Cut) contains a moisture sensor, scale, and electronic tongue to determine what food is being prepped, then sends that information to the Sook Touch to generate a delicious recipe!

The Sook Touch is a touch sensitive display that lists recipes, detailed nutrional information, and stores a library of ingredients. You can touch and drag ingredients to build custom recipes and save them for upload to website.

The final piece of the puzzle is the Sook Dock. Not only does it charge the Sook Cut and Touch appliances, it also works as an RFID scanner to identify what foods are nearby and add them to the Sook Touch database.

Of course this wouldn’t be an Electrolux design entry if it didn’t embrace how we might communicate in the future. When you’ve finished cooking, the Sook Touch takes a snapshot of your creation, then syncs with a social cooking site. Apply tags and even invite other users to comment and tweak your recipes.

The entire system sounds incredibly complicated. I could never imagine my parents using it but then again, this was designed for the internet generation. It’s quite exciting to imagine a future where foods are so carefully organized and categorized for any consumer to use. Envisage how our foods will be prepared, how it’ll affect nutrition and perhaps the quality of life. Imagine how it could make decent cooks out of even the most kitchen challenged.

Designer: Adam Brodowski


  • enoo says:

    In general, people choose a recipe before they start cutting ingredients.

    And even being from the “internet generation”, I find this overly complicated …

    Following a recipe won’t make anyone a great cook if the recipe was badly written.
    The persons that don’t like to cook are not likely to buy such a thing.
    The persons that like to cook are not likely to need such a thing.

    (Not to mention that most people already have an digital camera and a phone with a camera, do they need a “recipe displayer” with a camera too? )

  • Vincent says:

    I would love to see Julia Child or another rough and tough chef use this, I don’t think it will last more than 3 minutes if you plan on using it to cut anything more than just cheese.

  • Nour says:

    This is a great concept. As someone from tine “internet generation”, I know that I have personally looked at what’s in my fridge and cupboards and tried to mash things up and see what comes out. If I had a sweet-looking device that could suggest combinations to me, I would love it. This isn’t for pro chefs at all, but rather for lazy college students. And if the Sook Touch ran on open source software that was extensible, it could also bring you the weather and daily news every morning. Now wouldn’t that be sweet?

    I think this would make people who don’t like to cook reconsider. Cooking could be fun if it became more social!

    • zippyflounder says:

      nour, you allready have that right in front of you..just type in your fixings into the search engine at foodnetwork or the like and bingo it will give you lots of options.

      • Nour says:

        Zippy, I know there are already internet services that do something similar, but the beauty of Sook is that it appears to be super intuitive. Three years from now (or whenever this product is designed for) I don’t want to have to type my grocery list into my computer, it should be done automatically for me. This concept very nicely does what some computer manufacturers are trying to do today: it brings the computer into the kitchen in an accessible, intuitive, useful form.

    • Kami says:

      I totally agree! Like you said I am also from the “Internet generation” and I love the idea behind Sook and would like to get my hands on one.

  • Ben says:

    The Sook isn’t just a way of keeping track of what you have and what you can make out of it. It keeps track of what is in your fridge, what needs to be used, what foods you like, what you’re making, and what you have that you might add to enhance the flavor to your tastes. The Sook is so much more than a recipe generator.

  • So says:

    Magic box concept

  • Lim says:

    This produt work out very well for single high end lifestyle perosn, with lots lots of free time and strict diet.

    Personally, as has been in ktichen for few years, this product will be a total disaster for me.

    Soemtimes, i dont understand human nowadays, just easily push the responsibility to the technology.

    I like the movie Wall-E, it really describe what humans coming into.

  • monkey face says:

    nothing fresh… done many times around, especially in school settings when reality is not key. but the concept would actually work if it was part of your fridge. think of all the energy you can save by not keeping your fridge door opened and thinking what to make. or having to open the fridge to see whats inside?! i mean whats that all about, i should know without looking.

  • absolutwillie says:

    the electronic taste buds have me intrigued – especially now that i’m living in a foreign culture with weird looking vegetables with even weirder names. getting a machine to figure out what to do with them would save me so much stomachache *lol*

  • Austin says:

    Adam. Great job with the form handling. Not too thin to be flimsy/unrealistic, but right in the three to five years-out range. I still have to look into the UI and content, but knowing you, this is sure to be thoroughly considered. Great job having your work posted!

  • Kami says:

    I totally agree! Like you said I am also from the “Internet generation” and I love the idea behind Sook and would like to get my hands on one.

  • CT Limo says:

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