Welcome to the Wine, Wine West

Like the designer, I’m sure, I’ve broken my share of wine glasses, and I don’t even really like wine! I usually put whiskey and coke in there, then I don’t find the whole glass until spring cleaning. For the wine enthusiast (or drunk) with short shelves or clumsy tendencies, it’s untrained designer Sherwood Forlee to the rescue!

The designer, Sherwood Forlee, puts it like this: “glasses that are separable from their stems for more compact storage, and a metal stem for enhanced strength. A rubber gasket safely and snugly links the glass that fits your drink choice with the stem. Stems are available in a variety of colors and finishes.”

Simple and beautiful. I’d like a set with red/yellow/green color combo stems made of steel. Extra heavy metal would be extra awesome.

Also be sure to check out Forlee’s webpage: he’s a real dude with a barely completed mathematics schooling who “calls himself a designer because it sounds hip and no one likes hanging around a nerd at a party.”

My kind of fellow.

Designer: Sherwood Forlee