Pour Me a Glass of Light

(de)light is a project that reinterprets the concept of light as we know it. What does it mean when you can pour illuminated liquid from archetypical components like a lightbulb? When something so intangible becomes tactile and easily transferrable. The project challenges fundamental design paradigms about how we use lighting, how it’s displayed, and how it’s controlled. Imagine what our world would look like.

Designer: Cristina Ferraz Rigo

[youtube:http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=6fVp7ECl0Qo 468]

Texts from the designer:

My first lamp explores the greatest metaphorical potential of my project by presenting liquid light in its most pure state: as a liquid contained in a bottle that can be manipulated as liquids normally are. Along with this bottle, I have created a set of two glasses that represent a lamp and a bulb – see pictures on the right. By pouring the liquid light into the glasses, the object meaning is given to the light – two new lamps have been created. However, the liquid remaining in the bottle reminds you of its intangible essence – there is no need of a lamp in order to have light.  Light remains unattached to an object and able to be placed in any imagined context. I have used the quotidian gesture of pouring as a way to attach, or detach, light to its archetypes.

For the other lamp, I worked with the pervasive idea of the lamp. I worked with proportions and shape in order to create a perfectly recognizable archetype of a lamp. Alongside this process, I implemented the idea of liquid light by using the archetype of liquid, a tap. Therefore, I created a lamp that looks typical when first seen, but creates a hint of curiosity and delight when a closer look is given and the tap on it is noticed. The user starts then to imagine how the lamp would work, and ends up discovering that the lamp switches on – gives light – when the liquid light starts to fill it. In order to switch it off, the tap has to be open and the liquid released.


  • carl says:

    utter trash..

    • Noah says:

      Why so negative? This site is for concept designs, you have to keep an open mind to apriciate them.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    the most bottom one is cute~:)

  • Amazing lights !!

  • zippyflounder says:

    umm coulple of questions
    1 how long does the liquid emmit light?
    2 is the fluid toxic (rubber gloves shown in the vid)
    3 how is the fluid re energized (no such thing as a free lunch)

    flat fish want to know.

  • enoo says:

    The bottom one looks nice, but well, how is “the liquid released”?
    How long does it last? Hm, well, it all comes back to the questions asked above. And those are really important questions.

  • P says:

    I did not have the way of thinking which puts a lighting liquid into inside.

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  • ichig0nilla says:

    the project itself looks extremely interesting for me…

    however after reading some of the comments i would like to know the answers to how long the light last and is it poisonous?!

    it’d be awesome if this was real… and not toxic

  • Shiella says:

    Cool! Good for candle light dinner.

  • zippyflounder says:

    I have done a bit of research (very easy, I suggest it to all) and it would appear that the fluid is water loaded with a phosporsent materail such as this http://www.glowstop.com/products/pigments/gtb8400.html
    it appears that is is non toxic and has a long life span, with a “glow” time (in the high performanc materials) of up to 20 hours. This pigment is used generaly in emergancy exit signs and the like. The material is not cheap, at $20.00 for 3 1/2 oz (dry weight) and with out expermenting it would be hard to know how much fluid that would yield but from glowstops recipies it would likely yeild about 1 gallon. I hope this has helped all intrested in this unique use of this intresting product type.

  • Lim says:

    This is not new.
    A few years back, there is a DIY showing how u can mix the liquid from glow stick with water.
    Call urself designer….?

  • just amazing and beautiful… I bet you don't dare to drink in order to keep the magic !

  • just amazing and beautiful… I bet you don’t dare to drink in order to keep the magic !

  • xXblahXx says:


  • mx says:

    just bad

  • mx says:

    unless if i can drink it and begin to glow myself

  • M.S.W. says:

    The “Purple” colored one is reminicent of the liquid energy stored in “Energon Cubes” from the 80’s Transformer cartoon.

    The “Blue” colored one is reminicent of the liquid energy stream in the Movie “TRON” that TRON,FLYNN and REM drink from.

    The light/lumen output from this method is more appropriate decorative or low impact settings.

    The archetypes of the Lamp Shade and incandecent bulb more commonly evoke thoughts of bright light source. Which is more of a contrast to the essence of glowing fluidic lighting rather then a complimentary aspect.

    I like the designer’s desire to pursue light from fluid, but would suggest creating more complimentary containers to hold the light.

  • vhx says:

    Where can I get light bulb wine glasses?

  • Luminghao says:

    Who can tell me what material is this?

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