Elegant Trash Bin?

It seems like those words just don’t belong together. When can anything that holds trash be elegant? Well, when Li Jianye designs one it can. Let me introduce you to my new friend Flexibin. This little Flexibin was designed for someone like me, who has a pile of plastic grocery store bags piled up in a box in the Laundry room. Now, those pesky little plastic bags can be put to good use with Flexibin. With its flexible wire frame, the bin can hold any size plastic bag, thus transforming itself into and elegant and very functional waste bin. Ok Li Jianye, let me know when they are available – I need one for each room in my house.

Designer: Li Jianye


  • Vincent says:

    Nothing new, they have been around for almost as long as plastic bags were common for trash.


  • julie says:

    love it

  • carl says:

    NOTHING NEW HERE. why dont you recycle the plastic grocery store bags rather than use them again before you send them to landfill.

    where is the benefit? you are still creating a demand for the bags in the first place…

    sorry i dont like it. i dont like it one bit..

    • tai says:

      Plastic bags a great, they don’t create that much in terms of waste and most comercial bags, like from Target, Macy’s, Cub et cetera… can be recycled. Unlike bags created soley for the purpose of trash, as they tend to be made of more resilient plastic polymers. Honestly if you are going to be part of the green “Trend” you should look into the energy consuption needed to create a product compared with its use. The plastic bags that we use for taking our junk home also being used for trash extends the life and the amount of energy retrived from the manufacturing. We will never get rid of disposible packaging in modern society so we might as well do our best as we start to move towards using less. Also to everyone that says this idea has been around for years is an idiot, maybe it has but it has never been made comercial available. Useing target bags as trash bags is nothing new, creating and marketing somthing that holds these bags is. Honestly you are all a bunch of ill informed haters somtimes. and to the guy who gave a link to a industrial trash bag holder, you sir are just ridiulous.

  • paj says:

    its great,
    simpel, usefull, nice

  • Matt says:

    I think this is really simple and striking. Everyone accumulates all types of plastic bags and it will be a while before they completely disappear.

    It could probably be used to hold larger items, like footwear, without a bag on it.

    Really great.

  • Kidder says:

    It’s a nice simple design but there’s an inherent flaw in that alot of shopping bags have small holes in them. Basically, if you use this bin you would have avoid putting any food packaging or liquid containers in it unless you use proper bin liners, which as “tai” pointed out are not particularly good for the environment.

    • zippyflounder says:

      bingo on the hole issue, and all these bags have handles which are perfect for sliding over for retention in a container….me i use a old plastic paint bucket with two ears hot glued on to hold the thing..

  • Todd says:

    Elegant!? With a completely visable, ugly plastic bag? Vipp http://www.vipp.com manufacturers elegant, wonderful trash bins.

    We should all be doing our best to eliminate plastic bags from our lives as much as possible. By having these around the house it encourges one to continue to take them at the store instead of bring one’s own cloth or string bag.

    • Aaron says:

      I bet you put inside a plastic bag to not make it dirty. Awful trash bins.

  • carl says:

    if being a hater is having an opposed opinion then im a hater, but that is exactly the debate here. This blog allows for informed opinions to be viewed. you can either agree or disagree with what you see.

    for example you can argue that reusing plastic bags, from carrying you shoping home with is a good thing. short term narrow mindedness

    OR you could argue that by using plastic bags you are maintaining the demand for them. the end result is more landfill with plastics in and that a more effective long term design solution would be to re think how shoping is transported back to your home.

    Tai you get me?

    • gong says:

      key words: a more effective long term design solution would be to re think how shopping is transported back to your home.

  • kong fanwen says:

    good design.

  • Solution to enjoy clean space !!

  • Scott says:

    wooo … it looks very clean and simple. I would like place this trash bin in a also clean (silent)space if I have somewhere.
    Sometime I always compress those trash when they almost get out my trash can. So, it just looks good, but doesn’t workable for me.
    whatever I agree it’s a beautiful trash-bin and it enhance my life-style elegant if I use it.

  • Dora says:

    I like the design. Is it already available?

  • Dora says:

    I like the design. Is it already available?

  • chinna says:

    simply nice idea

  • chinna says:

    simply nice idea

  • This is an excellent idea, the design is very clean and simple.

    I have not seen it any where else.

  • scott says:

    So is it for sale or not?

  • auto5734955 says:

    “elegant” ?
    Fantastic you’ve managed to bring snobbery to garbage collection.

  • Hassna says:

    great design
    very thanks

  • Peter says:

    That’s actually a pretty unique and minimal design. Would look great in my office actually. I wonder if it’s available for sale or it’s just a prototype?

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