Jungle Love, Swedish Style

Going green to overt suicidal dreams is what’s for dinner at this new restaurant in Sweden called “New Restaurant.” Keeping your patrons alive and happy is good for business. In a country that has to deal with six months of winter darkness a year, design firm Architect Olssonlyckefors have created an oasis of happy thoughts by incorporating cascading walls of foliage giving the illusion of warm summer nights. ‘We wanted a soft yet artificial, almost rendered, appearance; spatial contradictions; and a solution that’s like sitting on a porch in the garden,’ says Lyckefors.  In the US, we have a silly place called “The Rainforest Cafe” that pretty much takes the same approach to dining, with the added elements of random tropical rain storms and animatronic gorillas looming just over head, growling at your poor eating habits. If we want happy, we take a pill.

Architect: Olssonlyckefors