Futurians Pay A Visit And Show Off Their Phones

2014 isn’t too far away so it’s nice when designers specifically target a time when their creations might meet reality. Take for example Peter Koren’s Flash (Adobe lawyers are standing by) mobile phone. Lets get the “duhs” out of the way first. Sleek, slim, buttonless, touchscreen color e-ink display, wireless charging, camera, and menu navigation via vertical and horizontal flicks. What, no gyro-thingamajiggy sensors?

Apparently people in 2014 will look back on our tilt sensors and laugh. What these futurians have instead are interactive projectors – straight from the phone. The phone projects interfaces on any surface and can detect finger gestures ala Minority Report. You can even snap a picture and overlay an interface – say for interactive graphic presentations, gaming, or porn – the possibilities are endless.

Designer: Peter Zsolt Koren