Training Wheels For Your Drill

People who aren’t familiar with power drills may now have a chance to give it a go, provided they’re not embarrassed to be seen using a training wheel-like device called the SmartGuide. The first common mistake newbies make is not enough pressure thus leaving the drill but to wander all over before hitting its mark. The SmartGuide makes use of two interset rings that collapse in on each other – keeping your drill bit straight and on the narrow.

Designer: Bongkun Shin


  • Chris says:

    Nice idea, ugly design.

    • Bongkun Shin says:

      Hello .
      Chris .
      I want to hear your comment about my design.

      • Chris says:

        @Bongkun Shin

        well if it was your proposition to revive the 80’s style no problem with that, i only believe that it could have been another way.

        i recently had the opportunity to work with people who actualy design (not engineer) power drillers and each time they tested them the tried variable positions when holding the machine.
        to get a firm grip of the machine most users use both hands, one around the handle bar and the other on top around the main body. i think it would have helped your design if it invited users more to hold it with both hands, a cubic design just leads into the oposit direction

        as i mentioned before the essence of your idea, helping people to drill straight holes without scratchin the entire wall or even hurting themselv is


        im just not shure if we need to repeat design every 20 years, probably apple is doing fine with its refurbished Dieter Rams design. but consider that round things fit better into human hands than square.

        • Bongkun Shin says:

          Thank you very much.
          Initially, your advice was not sounded good.
          However, listen your advice.
          I realized various kinds in your help.
          I want to exchange deep story about design with you.
          I want to be friend with you.

          • Chris says:


            if you wan’t to contact me the just visit at the top of the page just right below the headline you can find my e-mail. (sorry for not posting my plain e-mail here just gut to many spam from automated sites, and sorry for not having updated my site for a while)

            kind regards Chris

    • Dane says:

      Have you used a drill before? This design is interesting but impractical.

  • Le_On says:

    As if an electric drill wasn’t enough to save people from the ‘agony’ of using a screwdriver, now you don’t even need hand-eye coordination. Great idea. Too bad it looks like an 80’s hairdryer crossed with a star-trek phaser.

    • Jimmy C says:

      Think about things like cars. Do THEY want to use screwdrivers to build them? No, drills are useful. Plus, drills were originally for making the hole the screw goes in in the first place.

    • Jimmy C says:

      Think about things like cars. Do THEY want to use screwdrivers to build them? No, drills are useful. Plus, drills were originally for making the hole the screw goes in in the first place.

  • Chr71 says:

    I really need this. I am a lousy driller….

  • prodmod says:

    I think the intent is good and the style is interestingly retro star-trekkian.
    In order for them to stay straight and parrallel to eachother they would have to be tightly controlled tolerences. They can’t be loose and you wouldn’t want plastic rubbing on plastic so I assume those red rings are teflon? Those can be the guides, right?
    teflon slides really well on metal, but I am not sure about plastic. It might bind up.

    I’d like to see a prototype to see if it can work.

    you could also look into something more like a linear ball bearing that guides the cylinders on tracks of sorts.
    like this
    But I guess its less pretty.

    I think there is a need for this product and I would love to see a redesign. I think you can make it work!

  • Bifloman says:

    Black & Decker used to sell something similar that attached to your drill. Besides straight on drilling, it was notched at the bottom for angle drilling through the corner of boards. It was marketed as a portable drill press.

    • Aaron says:

      I was just thinking Drill Press!! Personally, I think that’s the real invention here. I know how to use a drill, and I would consider buying this (or something like it to attach to my drill) for those times when I really need a “precision” hole. Add different heads with different angles and you could have precision angle holes.

      Make the guide tube longer and you could have a router like device.

      Inventive? I don’t know. Marketable? To me yes, I’d buy something like this.

  • Bongkun Shin says:

    Thank you so for your advice.
    However, when I begin this design, I think woman user and did.
    So, did design like blow dryer.
    Only, it in the 80s style or gorgeous Boswi style style or gorgeous Boswi style when that is not important think .
    It is rightful that a person who conduct this design and feels gloomy is.
    However, I love this design.
    It seems to be very hard for design to satisfy everybody.
    Thank so a lot of comments.

    • prodmod says:

      “when I begin this design, I think woman user… So, did design like blow dryer.” – Nice.
      Maybe women would like it better if it did BOTH functions.
      1. Drill some holes
      2. Blow dry your hair
      3. Go out for the night.
      Don’t worry. I still think it’s cool. 🙂

  • hhddkk83 says:


  • yu says:

    Is such driller available for sale on market?
    In what country or what way I could purchase the above driller?
    Many thanks!

  • Brennan says:

    Have to agree with the objections to the design.

    It’s a great idea though. What if it were more an attachment to existing drills than an entirely new drill.

    Then it isn’t painfully obvious that you can’t drill worth your life in a straight line.

    Because with a design like that, everyone would know.

  • proof76 says:

    The idea is nothin’ new!
    The style is like a first pre-modell, to get all the voluminas right, before you start shaping it.
    Good design to me means: a housing that combines ergonomics, function, style (according to target group), and reasonable engineering.

  • Ali says:

    1: Agreed with above, where to hold the front drill with second hand?
    2: You soon will not able to see what you are doing as it will fill up with dust
    3: This will damage the wall (make marking from dust around the ring) you are drilling on (unless you are painting afterward)
    4: To avoid slipping as you mentioned, get a nail and hammer and make small mark before drilling thus keep in place.
    5: Women? Get tradesmen!!

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