The LEAN sitting machine

A machine is defined as any apparatus of at least two parts working together to perform a particular task. The Lean Beach Chair by Trip Trap is about as simple and elegant as any machine gets. Designed by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen for ease of use, easy storage and portability, it’s a shame to cover this beautiful design with anyone’s gluteus maximus.

Designer: Hans Sandgren Jakobsen [ Via: Design Scout ]


  • Region2 says:

    Sigh, it’s nice, but my big butt would snap that thing like a twig under… well… a big butt.

  • Nalini says:

    We already have this chair in India which has its origin in rajasthan

  • cha0tic says:

    I’d need a go sitting on it before I could decide if this is a good idea or not 🙂

  • Johan Karlsson says:

    Actually I’ve seen this type of design in Africa aswell. Carved out of big wooden planks, often with different animal motives, in souvenir shops…

  • mody says:

    what is the material..
    is it wood

    • Henrique Staino says:

      ?, I’d like to introduce you to Mody.
      Mody, this is my friend, Mark. Question Mark.

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