If Apple Made A Foleo

Ah Foleo, the infamous Palm Smartphone computer assistant we’ll never see. Sure the hardware was lackluster and left people wondering why they would carry yet another device around, especially one so underpowered. Of course, maybe if Palm had some of that Apple magic, they’d come up with something like the iFolio.

Designer Willy Yonkers (I swear that’s his name) thought perhaps the Foleo concept could be reimagined with better hardware, say an iPhone and a barebones MacBook. The MacBook’s touchpad is a docking port for the iPhone which then becomes one giant multi-touchscreen trackpad. Information between the two devices are kept synced and multimedia files can easily be viewed on either.

Mr. Yonkers also made sure the iPhone’s design language reflects well in this scaled down MacBook. Everything from the black finish to the chrome bezel. It sports a 12″ screen, twin USB ports, standard audio jack, and of course a slick eject button to release the iPhone from its clutches.

Designer: Willy Yonkers


  • Wow, nice gadget!

    It would be great to browse the internet using the WiFi connection, but it would be better if the iPhone had 3G connection…

  • Stijn says:

    All it needs is a webcam in the screen and this gorgeous design is ready to hit the markets.

  • Avin says:

    ermmm i have to be blunt here… iFolio… come on… first things first.. the whole concept and idea is against Apple’s traditions and what apple stands for and does…..

    Folio didn’t work… iFolio wont work either…… too small a market to invest in something so expensive… and beside… Apple has the world’s best “Folio” already , a top of the line Macbook Pro or Macbook that will sync just as well, if not even better than any sub note book and weights just as much.. or little… yet be able to accomplish a hell of alot of things a sub notebook won’t be able to do…..

    the folio idea is utter rubbish… it’s an excuse for not pushing the handheld device to it’s limit and cram more things and more technology into it.
    In the first place we got a smart phone to simplify our lives.. to lighten our load … so… why on earth.. will anyone… want to carry one more sub-under-par notebook on a business trip or on a day to day basis when all that money invested to design and produce the “folio” could be diverted into a proper, real user friendly software, just like what Apple did with it’s iPhone… a true simple to use OS that will sync, doesn’t matter if it’s a Mac or a Pee Cee… as long as you have iTunes… it works… everything just works… now i would like to see Nokia, SE, Motorola (huge joke) or any other phone maker challenge that… Now… Palm should be ashamed of it’s self…..

    • unknown says:

      Actually all he would need to do is set up a company to mod the macbook you send them.
      then, he could do some rip ‘n tear on the mac and make it beautifully like that consept, and by macs and do that, and sell it for 2x the price.
      Hey, the modbook (touchscreen macbook mod) are doing the same thing.

    • Jimmy C says:

      This isn't about iTunes. it's about using the connection to enhance the laptop, not the phone.

  • Willy says:

    To clear some things up, here’s a link to my flickr page. The foleo was meant to be a cheap hack – connecting a bluetooth keyboard, custom display, and battery. My goal was something under $150. I’ve seen portable dvd players and portable ipod video docks for more money than that. My inspiration was probably the Make magazine palm notebook hack – I’d like to be able to actually write significant text, or watch movies without eyestrain.

  • Hanswurst0815 says:

    It’s a really nice concept, I like it. But Apple will never make anything cheaper than their competitors. And they will probably never make anything like this anyway.

  • Yogibimbi says:

    actually, it’s quite well thought out. Just that the iPhone in itself doesn’t have the processing power to drive the whole thing, but if the rest of the setup had its own HD, processor and optical drive, it is really worth considering, taking the docking concept to a whole new level. And you could take out the iPhone as a remote as well, if you just wanted to watch a movie while fingering your significant other on the couch.

  • Sumocat says:

    Back when smartphones would replace laptops, the CEO of Symbian envisioned extension devices like this for smartphones. I got more excited about the idea when the iPhone came out. Looks like this setup uses the iPhone as a touchpad. Clever.

  • Cschanner says:

    I’m impressed. Yeah, it’s Foleo inspired, but the touchpad idea certainly one-ups Palm. I’ve been holding out on the iPhone…something like this would make me go to the Apple store today. Even if it were to cost $600, add an iPhone for $400 and you have the best of both worlds: OS X in portable and ultraportable flavors with all your data in one place (flash no less)…for $1000.

  • Itchytooth says:

    I think the smart thing would be to have no processor or storage in it – just a screen, keyboard and a huge battery. That way it would actually charge the phone while you were working on it. At most, it should cost $200.

    • Kalub Elke says:

      Hey thats an awesome idea.
      I’d totally buy that if it ever came out.
      I’d go as high as to pay $450.00
      it’s tight

  • Zach says:

    This is actually an amazing idea, i know that i would definitally buy something like this. I mean, how great would it be to beable to actually search the internet through your iPhone and have the website actually look great on a huge screen. Brilliant!

  • alex says:

    WHAT!? apple computers have NEVER been black. EVER.

  • Topsy Cret says:

    Yehh they have! ZOMG Loser.

  • Efendi says:

    You do know that the screen and the battery are the most expensive part of any portable device, don’t you? It surely won’t cost 200$ considering that you also want “a huge battery”.

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