If Apple Made A Foleo

Ah Foleo, the infamous Palm Smartphone computer assistant we’ll never see. Sure the hardware was lackluster and left people wondering why they would carry yet another device around, especially one so underpowered. Of course, maybe if Palm had some of that Apple magic, they’d come up with something like the iFolio.

Designer Willy Yonkers (I swear that’s his name) thought perhaps the Foleo concept could be reimagined with better hardware, say an iPhone and a barebones MacBook. The MacBook’s touchpad is a docking port for the iPhone which then becomes one giant multi-touchscreen trackpad. Information between the two devices are kept synced and multimedia files can easily be viewed on either.

Mr. Yonkers also made sure the iPhone’s design language reflects well in this scaled down MacBook. Everything from the black finish to the chrome bezel. It sports a 12″ screen, twin USB ports, standard audio jack, and of course a slick eject button to release the iPhone from its clutches.

Designer: Willy Yonkers