Don’t Break the Piggybank

In a somewhat unusual design by Derrik Wang, the Piggybank is one where you want to keep your money safe. This design is to help people save money and not spend it. The piggybank has a clever way of keeping you out and guarding your stash of money. If broken open, not only will your money come out, but the disgusting guts of the pig will also, thus convincing the owner to leave their money in peace. A surely unique way to saving money!

Designer: Derrick Wang


  • Tech Narf says:

    Haha! Doubt it that some plastic guts can stop people breaking it during holidays, but it’s cool!

  • jin woo han says:

    Lovely thing !!

  • Derrick says:

    hey thanks, i am glad you guys like it.
    just to clarify a little bit, they are all ceramic, the body and the yummy guts.

  • Derrick says:

    hey thanks guys, glad you like it.
    just to clarify a bit, they are all ceramic, the guts and everything (well except the coins).

    • Denise Hitchens says:

      I collect piggy banks can you buy one of these banks and where?


  • saki says:

    I’ve come to this site a couple times before, but I’m confused. Are these designs available for purchase? If so, where/how can this item be purchased? I hope you do have them available… I wants!

  • cha0tic says:

    Duh! I’d smash it open just to see the guts. Unless it was expensive to buy. Then I wouldn’t want one. I’m not going to smash it open when it’s full am I? What’s the point of a piggy bank? To save money.

    If I have to smash it open when it’s full. It better be cheap to buy.

    • Klavs Hansen says:

      wow your comment made no sense.. a little “chaotic”…

      by the way, id like to have the product. where can i purchase it,or can i even purchase it in europe?

  • Christine says:

    Very innovatively artistic however, I don’t think it has any influence on detering users to use their change.

  • Tom says:

    so fun but I don’t buy that..

  • buky says:

    wont stop me :DDDD

  • buky says:

    wont stop me :DDDD

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