An Escheresque Movement

The T-Vertigo side table was inspired by the works of Escher. With a design that tricks the eye into seeing movement and exploration of infinity. The table offers a sensual form, which plays on contrasts of emptiness and fullness, movement and tranquility. Made of Corian or Reinforced Polyurethane high gloss lacquered finishing and measures 90 x 90 x 27 cm. The T-Vertigo is the perfect side table to add to your home or office. T-Vertigo side table is the first project for Moroso by AquiliAlberg and was presented at the Milan Design Week in 2007.

Designer: AquiliAlberg Studio


  • seraaos says:

    nice svastika !?!?!?

  • Flash says:

    Great design.I want to buy it! It is so sensual.

  • Christine says:

    I suppose I see a slight inspiration from Escher integrated into this table, however, this product doesn’t seem very efficient. There’s a lot of space waste in those four sections where the table is sloped in.

  • p says:

    very intriguing to look at, its is an interesting blend of angular and organic shapes.

    i’d like to see the concept applied to a table with integrated seating surfaces. The lines form 4 distinct nodes on the form- I think these outer nodes could be separated from the plane of the table surface and drop into seats in a very fluid manner.

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