Lights, Music, Beauty

Lights Music Beauty is a speaker concept by designer Ian Murchison. He’s not so much concerned about speaker technology as he is with how it’s displayed. The system consists of a bar that holds 4 speakers with 2 on each side flanking your computer and a  remote. Beneath the bar is a 3 point light system. The idea is not only do you get rich audio sonics but a home light show as well all controlled from a wireless remote.

Designer: Ian Murchison


  • j says:

    i like the speaker design, but agree with previous comments. i think the design would work better if it had the same finish as the imac and if the lights were similar to the TV where the light behind the screen change color to reflect whats on screen. this could be the same with these lights but it works with coverflow or the movie / music video being played.

    just basic lights, dont see the appeal …..

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