A Table With No Top

No this table isn’t half-assed. It’s just a paradigm shift in what we normally think a table should look like – some legs supporting a flat surface. Design Diana Halbeisen wanted to experiment with different forms. She thought about what a dinner table is used for, how things are placed, etc. Her design is a series of metal rods with bent circles to hold various dinner and flatware. Not exactly flexible in its functionality but I’m sure it would double for a great coat rack when not in use. And for some reason I feel like it would produce some nice acoustics if struck just right with a dinner fork.

Designer: Diana Halbeisen


  • 92BUICKLESABRE says:

    This would be perfect for prisons and schools.

    • says says:

      prisons and schools, you say?

    • M.S.W. says:

      Actually it would be very dangerous in prisons or schools. Push some one into a regular table and they topple onto it. Push someone into one of these and they get impaled.

  • AquaStealth says:

    At first I glance I didnt likethis cause where should you put all elbows and other stuff, but on second thought you never ever have to clean tables again 🙂

  • Daniel says:

    it really looks weird and useless..
    limits for designers please!


    I think this was designed for use in the fast-food industry.

    Oh, and just incase you were fooled by the ‘quick-service’ moniker that they are trying to peddle it as now… Yea. But no.

    I think this would be very useful in say, Starbucks. Those yuppy bastards always sitting with all of their work spread out over 2 or 3 of those teensy little tables really piss me off.

    Yes, I would love your job–the ability to work anywhere, from just a free wifi spot… But frakking-aye man… Don’t take up the whole place with your bullshart!

    • CODIFEROUS says:

      Unfortunately, Starbucks’s WiFi is a T-Mobile hot spot, in which you have to pay a hefty and rather stupid fee to use.

      If I am paying 4 bucks for a latte, I better have free internet.

      “Why do they call it a latte?

      Because it costs a latte!”


    This doesn’t seem like it was very well thought through. If it’s for the fast-food industry, why not a tray holder? Makes life simpler for the manufacturer and installer, and less potentially disastrous for the users.

  • Stang70fastback says:

    Next he’ll invent a fork with no prongs…

    …and wtf is a topless table?! You may as well build a wingless airplane, or a roofless house. It defeats the whole purpose of the object’s existence.

    • Tommasta says:

      Ummmmmm, that’s the point. It’s called juxtaposition. How do you call something a table when it doesn’t have a contiguous surface? Juxtapositions such as what this table pose are there to make the viewer ask questions and become more intimate with the design in doing so. It’s not the artist’s fault you’re so closed minded about her creative outlet.
      That being said, I’m sure it’s not going into production. It’s a one-off designer’s creation – sort of like the giant kitchen furniture some people make. Completely unpractical and out of the question, but if done right can be a great piece of art. This one might need some more refinement, but the idea is completely there.

  • jin woo han says:

    I think it is useless….

  • jin woo han says:

    If it was a xylophone or something instrument to play, it will be better.

  • Linake says:

    So if you accidently drop food from the edge of your plate or spill juice while pouring it instead of landing on a table top it lands on your pants? Great! That’s so much easier to clean up. . .

    I can also imagine someone bringing their arm up to eat and bashing it on one of the prongs, sending your plate flying.

    It’s an interesting idea, but not a practical one.

  • spring says:

    Just funny
    I think .. This line is very hard and bold

  • Sonny Angela says:

    One thing accross my mind is, if it has any relation with those kinky ‘bondage’ equipment? hehe.

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