Futuristic Vaio Zoom

The Vaio Zoom notebook concept takes everything we know about holographic technology and squeezes it inside a thin glass form factor. When off, the screen is completely transparent and the keyboard goes opaque. Turn it on and the touchscreen holographic festivities begin. Even the  mouse buttons are holographic!

It’s just a concept so there’s no info on important tidbits like tactile feedback, battery life, system stats, etc., but rest assured technologies like this are closer than you think. It may not come all at once but it’s coming.

Designer: Eno Setiawan

Vaio Zoom by Eno Setawan


  • Froggy says:

    I am so in love… that looks very nice. Can I get a side order of future now with my reality? pretty please with cherry on top?

  • Kaiser-Machead says:

    I’m sure there’s some uber-futuristic Lenovo concept out there, this time covered in space aged Naugahyde.

  • Justsayyes says:

    Actually, at an event several years ago a company was looking for funding for a workstation that included an opaque, 3 panel screen, that when in use was just the three screens, but at the touch of a button became very opaque, nearly transparent. At least enough so that you could read the newspaper through it. Some sort of single plane projection technology I would imagine…

    • (((8coreLAB))) says:

      Justsayyes==>> Well I justsayNO! You seem like you have a fair command of the English language, but was humored to see your incorrect usage of ‘opaque’ on two occasions, the later essentially is a double-negative. Opaque is defined as ‘something that you CANNOT see through’ (i.e. a brick wall). In the last example, you stated “but at the touch of a button became very opaque, nearly transparent.” The correct usage would have been ‘but at the touch of a button became very TRANSLUCENT, almost completley TRANSPARENT. Just throwin’ out some constructive criticism so you can irradicate another facet of your ignorance (and I mean this in a completly POSITIVE way!)


  • Mandarin says:

    What? No cerebral output port? How am I going to interface with corporate multiprocessing network?

  • Axiomatic says:

    When that laptop battery catches on fire, at least it will be over quick.

  • Triskuit says:

    Mmm… *futuristic gadget lust* I would pay an obscene amount of money for a laptop like this, and then light my self on fire when I scratched/dropped it.

  • Orionburich says:

    I’m not down with that screen. Sure it looks cool, but what purpose would it ever serve? When are you going to see it folded out and transparent like that except for the 3 second you’re waiting for it to boot up enough to display something?

    Maybe it you could make only parts of the screen opaque, and a camera on the top facing away from the user, then maybe you could have some fun with software that recognized things in the background (super models) and interacts with them (opens and window that follows them):p

  • Chopsue says:

    I’m waiting for the Apple version!

    • Sam-I-Am says:

      You say you are, “waiting for the Apple version!”

      Don’t you mean to say that you are waiting for Apple to Steal another Sony Idea and then take credit for it again….

      • jacoby says:

        ohhhhh!! total burnage!!! lol you are such a lame nerd

      • ME says:

        It would be nice if Sony coöperates with Apple.
        Even if it’s for once. (know it doesn’t work like that)
        Then we would all have a beautiful fast computer and a good and clean working o.s.
        I love Sony (had a vaio and always a sony phone from the P800 series – now a P1)
        I even work with my P1 and my Macbook pro.
        2 of my favorite brands.
        Check: http://www.mirasoftware.com
        If it wasn’t for windows, I would have bought myself a Vaio again!!!
        But to be honest; I’m happy I didn’t.
        Because Aplle really delivers.
        Just like we would pay more for a faster and better car or grasstrimmer or anything better period.
        I say it was worth it.
        Sony needs to cut windows loose!

    • bob says:

      apple sucks.. the only reason i’d buy one is because they look nicer than any pc computers.. well that might change if this sony computer comes out & the new windows 7 is better than the mac operating system.

      • ME says:

        I guess you’ve never “really” truely !worked! with an apple before.
        Then you would have known that it does (quickly) what YOU want from a computer and especially from your o.s.

        I’ve used a pc for ever and now i use mac.
        So I know.

        but you need to take the time to want to learn.
        Just like you did with windows.
        Everybody knows that Firefox is a better browser than….
        But still how many leave there save internet explorer?

        • Montag says:

          Mac isn’t better. The only benefit it has over Windows is it is more user-friendly, but Windows is much more powerful for the more experienced users. I would give a Mac to my grandmother, but I would never buy one for myself.

          And yes, I do have both operating systems. I prefer Windows mainly because it supports non-Microsoft hardware, unlike Mac which only supports Mac hardware. Would you rather have a car with the parts of the same brand that you can’t replace yourself, or different brand parts that you can swap in and out?

          I’d like to see you build a top-of-the-line Mac with $500. You could make a high-end PC for $500 pretty easily, provided you didn’t have to buy the OS.

  • Mrface says:

    The whole keyboard flipping back to turn the machine into a pure touchscreen tablet PC is sexy. That, coupled with the thinness would make this laptop a must-have. I honestly don’t understand the appeal of the whole transparent/opaque thing… just seems like a gimmick to me. The haptic feedback question seems to be less and less an issue now that touchscreen PDAs/PMPs/phones/etc are quickly becoming the norm. It’ll be interesting to see how that pans out.

    Is it possible that the days of button keyboards are numbered? I realize we all grew up with big clunky keys to press down on, and are now used to them — but what if the next generation of users are more used to the streamlined, cool-looking touchscreen keys of an iPhone? It’s probably quite a bit better on your wrists not to have to push down so hard on a key, and it’ll certainly free up desk space and will allow a new level of portability. I, for one, welcome our new touchscreen masters.

  • Ghmlco says:

    Think of a computer with two screens, one for the screen and one touch screen for the keyboard/trackpad. Add some feedback for the virtual keyboard and make it pressure sensitive as well for us touch-typist types and I’m good to go.

  • Reilao says:

    That’ll make some really pretty spiderweb patterns when you drop it. Looks really pretty, I’d just be deathly afraid to take that out of my house, unless between ‘now’ and the ‘future’ they make something that could look that sexy and not require constant babying and wiping away of fingerprints.

  • Kai says:

    it’s really time to change what we perceive “computing” to be. computing hasnt changed on the hardware side in the last 20 years. people are developing software now that is completely unusable because we’re sitting here poking and clicking away at our ancient typewriters.

    if the future of computing is the same rehasing of older concepts into newer sleeker molds, count me out.

  • hamid says:

    Hi dear,i dont know,what can i say abpt this vaio,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    it realy wonderful and great and exlant……………………

  • verschoor says:

    This is just as silly as the hoover board.

  • jocky says:

    i po kiego komu cos takiego?? ma se to zjesc??

  • Polak says:

    Kurwa! Zajebiste, ja pierdole!

  • Konrad says:

    Cooooooool! I need it!!

  • Popieram says:

    Jak dla mnie kosmos. Ciekawe czy kupię to za 10 lat czy kupią sobie dopiero moje wnuki. Tak czy inaczej technika idzie w dobrym kierunku – minimalizm i użyteczność. Trochę jak science-fiction 🙂

  • No ładne cacko. Spokojnie będziemy takie i inne komputery naprawiać. Jesteśmy najlepszym serwisem i pogotowiem komputerowym we Wrocławiu więc damy radę;)

  • Tomek says:

    no nie powiem wrażenie robi!!!!!

    czy ktoś mi powie jakie ona ma parametry? jak działa ? i wogóle 🙂 bo taki sprzecik to bym sobie z checia kupil, tylko powiedzcie gdzie takie cos moge dostac? 🙂

    Pozdrawiam Ziomali z POLSKI!!!!!!


  • No ładne cacko. Spokojnie będziemy takie i inne komputery naprawiać. Jesteśmy najlepszym serwisem i pogotowiem komputerowym we Wrocławiu więc damy radę;)

    • taktiken says:

      jak naprawiacie tak jak wpisujecie swoj url w nick’u… to powodzenia! 🙂 A cacko wspaniale ale takie “fragile”.

  • Jarek86 says:

    Za pięć latek na pułkach w sklepie. Ceny niestety nie jestem wstanie określić 🙁 zaczynam zbierać kase!!!! 😉

  • 902 says:

    Simply amazing! Sony rules! 🙂

  • Virosz says:

    Co się tak podniecanie? To tylko projekt! Nawet nie wiadomo czy dojdzie do jego produkcji czy to z powodów technicznych, technologicznych bądź ekonomicznych.

  • Xendragon says:

    Who says the screen needs to be solid/glass?

    OLED screens can do this already – and the advantage of oleds is that they can be printed on nearly any surface … so, maybe print them onto a flexible transparent plastic of some sort? http://www.akihabaranews.com/en/news_pics/13940/Sony_Flexible_TV_Screen_oled.jpg

  • ati says:

    perfect design…

  • M says:

    Kicks ass as is. Can they make it scratch proof? I’ve been buying ‘scratch proof’ eyeglass lenses for 33 years and it’s never been true unless I bought the super-heavy glass. This tech looks expensive so I hope they actually use real glass that is close to scratch proof and not just some high-tech plastic.

  • kim says:

    how can i get this computer.
    i was facinated when i saw that pictuer

  • beto says:

    Looks really cool but you should know vaio is a piece of useless junk!! all of them crash after one year………………

    • Seizure says:

      well i always had vaio and it never never had any problem the realy useless junk his asus.. my job is to fix laptops asus is the worst…

  • Je Nguyen says:

    Wow wow

  • dika says:

    great concept add that laptop computer with portable wireless charger and thin battery also with bluetooth, wi-fi and wimax that’s the future computer concept. I want one please

  • Barmak says:

    THe holographic technology is not available on a flat sheets yet! almost all of todays holographic displays require a big 3-6kg projector! therefor this design is not practical untill lets say 2025 while dreaming that far is not an appreciated task, Since there are better & cheaper technologies emerging the markets, including rollable screens & Pico projectors!!

  • karan ghataura says:

    h8 it! gimme a break!!

  • karan ghataura says:




  • vaio says:

    just that what we can say…

  • nitrofurano says:

    If it comes ONLY with Linux installed as OEM, i will buy it immediatelly! =)

  • Snave says:

    Hummm.. i feel this concept would have been nicer if the screen in some parts could stay transparent…

    So we could have a ‘floating’ image … in the dark the effect would have been also stronger…

    Almost ‘hologramic’ … nice?! no ?!

    unfortunatly, i guess it is not possible… because that would mean the screen would be turned off on some parts… and turned on in other…?

    Hehehe, anyway that futur! nice pic.

  • remi says:

    I am so in love… that looks very nice. Can I get a side order of future now with my reality? pretty please with cherry on top?

  • buddy lover says:

    bring it on … its perfect for me .
    bring a fire in market …

  • I love you “buddy lover”

  • Supermance says:

    that is soooo sexy !

  • yameen says:

    vaio zoom notebook which is a holographic technology & touchscreen.its a perfect laptop for day to day life & for buisness use.Its screen is transparent when off & keyboard goes opaque,this are its best qualities in it.


    Laptop Computers

  • ali says:

    this is an amazing concept have only seen it in movies, its gonna be a hit

  • aimaq says:

    i love it i wana have it…………
    please help me

  • tibi says:

    technologicly it’s indeed a front step.but I’m thinking how practical this will be?it will be easy to keep away from scratching?and the bigest question mark for me…when I’m working on a transparent screen like this, will everybody see what I’m doing on my laptop?

  • tibi says:

    I was meaning from the back side

  • 张刚 says:

    verry good I

  • 张刚 says:

    this have uhf/vhf ,i don`t know how to use it ,

  • 张刚 says:

    verry good I

  • 张刚 says:

    this have uhf/vhf ,i don`t know how to use it ,

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