Power Cable Management Desk

The Flux e-desk is a personal desk/chair unit designed primarily for use with a laptop computer. It incorporates power cable management through the flush faced storage bay which is revealed by applying light pressure with the palm of the hand. The hard shell exterior provides the structural rigidity for the cantilever and the soft interior provides the seat cushion and padding on the underside of the desk to prevent leg and knee impacts.

Designer: Shane Crozier


  • Nickolas Titkov says:

    Usual question: is it a boy or a girl? Sometimes is difficult (for a foreigner as me) to understand.

  • bad.blue says:


  • adin says:

    Back Support? Adjustability for short or tall people?

  • vhiz says:


  • ramocan says:

    Will certainly wear at the edges of all green areas due to frequent friction, especially since it would be a soft material.
    Also, awkward to clean the inside lining.
    Worst: seems very unstable, especially because it requires entering from the side.

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