M-toy MP3 Player For Kids Confounds

M-toy is a new type MP3 music Player for kids. Most often and not, kids love to draw pictures. In this new interface the OLED display shows multiple distorted images. Spinning the display helps reveal what that image is and if it’s correctly identified, the music starts to play thru the integrated speakers.

This is a kid’s toy?  The closest thing I had to this was a spinning toy that told me “a cow goes moo”.

Designer: Sung-kyu Nam


  • G-taz says:

    Thats too expensive for its function..
    Round LED-actually its hard to make-,
    not good looking shape and simple function will make customer frustrated..

  • TheBlip says:

    Hmm.. Inexpensive replacement :

    Make one out of cardboard and sticks some pictures on it…. When your kid gets it right.. turn on the stereo 😀

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