Binary Series by Stephen Hugo-Seinader

Binary examines the relationship of surface to core. The top is a sandwich of Baltic birch ply between two sheets of matte white Formica Colourcore™ laminate. Cutting through the laminate, to reveal a shallow circular walnut tray and edge offers a stratigraphic presence, allowing the richness of the walnut to speak against the neutrality of the white. The dish invites the user to create their own narrative for the use of the piece. Colourcore™ was chosen to solve the challenge of revealing the pure edge of a plastic surfacing material that is commonly unsightly, and has pedestrian associations. Sandwiching the layers allows for a thin structure while providing enough rigidity to overcome any tendency for the substrate to twist. The base structure is essentially about line, being a continuous loop of steel rod, defining the negative space beneath the top. Asymmetrically placed cross-members help the base speak to the top, also providing an alternative to the usually static nature of such purely structural elements.

Designer: Stephen Hugo-Seinader