Tablet PC Made Of Wood

Since notebooks tend to go for sleek and shiny, here’s an alternative for all you traditionalists out there. The S-series notebook concept is made of wood. Yes that’s right, WOOD. Nevermind the weight and horrible heat insulation characteristics of the material, it’s supposed to look refined and sexy, at which it does.

The notebook sports one of those ultra-thin 4mm thick LCD screens, and at 17″ wide, there’s plenty of viewing room. The screen itself is backed by black acrylic, you know, to compliment that wood base. Catering to business users, the S-series is a tablet PC powered by Windows Vista.

Designer: Simon Enever


  • Emmie says:

    This design is so hot! I saw some comments on the waste of wood. But, paper gets wasted everyday all day in lots of places. So, this laptop won’t bring down a whole forest. I would buy this laptop, and I’m sure lots of others would too.

  • Zach says:

    I think it’s pretty funny that people think this is a waste of wood, this is amazing. I can see something like this getting very popular, but i can also see it get very expensive.

  • Allegra says:

    i so would!

  • ||Diablo| says:

    I think that the only problem, is when its time to upgrade.

    Modern laptops are certainly not as easy to upgrade as a desktop system. So every 2 years or so it would be time to get a new wooden laptop. That would be horribly expensive, why not use a fake wooden design on it?

  • Avin says:

    Judging from the number of laptops catching fire… it would be interesting to see this one go up in flame when internal heat reaches a staggering 90 or even 100 degree…. whooosh~~~ there goes my lap top ~~

  • Violet says:

    DO WANT!

    That looks much more elegant than a regular laptop, and I know that some types of wood are as heat-resistant as plastics, especially when treated. This would be perfect for making me feel as though I am not contributing to the buildup of un-biodegradable trash in the planet’s landfills…
    If only I could afford to go out and buy a fancy new computer right now.

  • random viewer says:

    so u said dont worry about weight and heat, but what are you doing about those problems. Couldnt it be easier to use a fake wooded design (which can actually look very similar to real wood) or a super thin layer with ventilation?
    Also is the top of the laptop when shut a tablet?? is so, why would you ever open it?

  • This is so cute a wood craft!

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