Emergency Stool

Designed to transcend function and question furniture as object, art, or image. The Emergency Stool is a laser cut panel of Baltic Birch plywood where each part is connected to each other creating a panel that can be displayed an image on the wall prepared to be but into action for an emergency by simply breaking the panel into it’s individual parts. The laser etcher graphic provides international assembly instructions. This design adds ingenuity and humor to modern furnishings creating a useful stool or side table without fasteners or the need of complex tools.

Designer: d e Sellers


  • caca says:

    ı love it.esp the assembly graphics on it.
    should take a closer photo.
    good work.

  • Terrell Clemens says:

    it’d be better if you could reassemble it and replace it on the wall when you’re done using it.

  • Dphilthy says:

    I would be very hesitant about sitting on it. A side table, okay. A stool, I don’t think so.

  • Dphilthy says:

    Use say you use Gravatar.com yet when I put in my Gravatar-linked name and email address, the gravatar picture does not show up.

    • georgeojungle says:

      Your gravatar has to have a G rating for it to show up on this site. Really doesn’t matter what the image is since it’s user rated.
      George O’Jungle

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