Velcro Wall Socket Conserves Energy

This concept uses the properties of Velcro to make plugs “stick” to the faceplate of a wall socket. By applying the back side of the Velcro to the faceplate, and the front side of the Velcro to the plug’s surface, both items now adhere to each other. In addition, the back side of Velcro is attached to the cable insulation, allowing the user to “fix” the cable to the carpet. The “Attach” design serves as a strong reminder to the user to unplug the plug. This small added convenience can translate into changed consumer behavior, thus conserving energy and helping the environment.

Designer: Chun-Chia Hsu, Yi-Ting Chen, Chia-Liang Hsu, Jun-Lin Fu, Teng-Yu Huang & Chia-Wie Chang