Plate It Up

Who watches Hells Kitchen? Myself, I’m totally addicted. Just to have a small glimpse of what it must be like in a swanky but stressful kitchen is just candy. The reoccuring theme of all restaurants is efficiency. Everything from the people to the equipment needs to cater to that or the whole system collapses. That’s why the Platewait system is an ingenious solution.

Instead of having to pull plates from stacks and plate them by hand, the Platewait holds each one in a line. All the Chef has to do is plate the food and the servers can then pick them up. It frees up precious work space and speeds up preparation since you don’t have to move any plates around.

Designer: Johan Hagg


  • drazen says:

    seems cool and stuff..but as well it looks like its just about to fall down…and brake..imagine a lil earthquake …booom brake 🙂 i dunno i like the idea …but safe NOT

  • carl says:

    great in theory, costly in practice.

  • Collin says:

    you could also promote cleanliness, since less hands will be moving the plate around…

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