Two Ways To Wear A Sneaker

Show of hands who have shoved their feet into their sneaker quickly, thus creasing the heel turning them into mules? It can’t only just be me because Sofie Collin’s research into the Nike brand revealed it’s something people, particularly women want.

Her sneaker design has a collapsible heel and no laces. Wear it like any other sneaker but when you need a quick change, fold down the heel without damaging the shoe. It fulfills the needs of women who want to retain the sporting aesthetic famous to the house of Nike all the while staying relevantly fashionable.

Designer: Sofie Collin


  • 1BadMutha says:

    Yes. But do they come in purple?!

  • Brennan says:

    Timerland has actually produced shoes like these. Unforunately I own them somehow (they’re awfully ugly). As a closet sneakerhead I would love to see Nike come out with these.

  • Tonio says:


    Salomon footwear did it 7 years ago for the first time on a footwear called TechAmphibian.
    The french outdoor company owns a patent on this so called “collapsable heel”.

  • Mojtaba says:

    hah!nice!we did that in iran very yaers ago!

  • P says:

    well, despite the idea having been done already (many times apparently) there’s still a lot to be said about this design. I think it’s a perfect branding of Nike’s aesthetic, matching elements of the older lines (AF1’s and Hoops for example) with new trends like tight patterned perforation and smooth artificial surfaces. I especially like that the functional crease of the convertible heel follows the upper edge of that oh-so-iconic Nike stripe. I think the choices regarding color are appropriate, and accent colors (green in this case) are easily modify-able to a diverse range of colors without looking bad. And above all else, I think the two shape options for the shoe both look nice and balanced in and of themselves, yet create a refreshingly different feel from one to the next.

  • Kayacan AKIN says:

    Bunu bizden çalmışlar yahu. Arkasına basılmış (isteğe bağlı yumurta topuklu) ayakkabılar Türkiyeye ve Yakın-Orta Doğuya ( İran, Irak, Suriye) özgü bir davranış biçiminin sonucudur. Günümüzde bakkala, pazara, manava oraya buraya gidilirken üşengeçlik edilmesi, geçmişte ise köylük kasabalık yerde birbirine yakın mesafelere gitmek sırasında ayakkabı giymek üşengeçliğin ürünüdür..

  • Narendra says:

    What would be the cost of the Sneakers with Collapsible heels?

  • Chris says:

    Me Likey

  • Klaszcz says:

    I’ve already invented it. I turned my old sneakers into slippers one year ago.

  • Juan says:

    Salomon has a model like this.

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