Pack of Dogs – Bookshelf by Nel Studio

Introduced at the 2007 Salone Satelite in Milan, these pieces are based roughly on the shape of a dog, in different sizes and positions. These characters, named after famous Mexican wrestlers (Dos caras Jr, Aguayo, Superastro, El Santo, Alushe and Mistico) follow you around your house or office, and may work as a side table, stool, bench, bookshelf, magazine rack, newspaper holder, bookends, etc. By the way each piece is used, and the objects that interact with it, a different story is told.

The pieces are made in different materials and techniques. Some pieces were made through traditional woodworking techniques, using scraps of solid wood like tzalam, ash, red oak, poplar, alder, walnut, and pine, which makes every piece unique, while other pieces are ade in birch plywood using a CNC router, or even in ceramic.

Designer: Nel Studio