Cuma – Felt Wool Wallpaper by Takehiro Ando

By taking advantage of the chacacteristics of the felt, I have designed these simple products. You can combine each piece of the felt and make your own designs. It is so versatile that you can use them for partitions, coasters, and other decorative purposes. Number of units required to cover 1 square meter: Cuma 19 x 19 = 361 pieces (1,340g). Due to the unique characteristics of felt, the size could change by a few centimeters under certain circumstances.

Designer: Takehiro Ando


  • About as close to Lego wallpaper and carpet as one can get and maintain a comfortable floor.

  • About as close to Lego wallpaper and carpet as one can get and maintain a comfortable floor.

  • eric says:

    intriguing. now i can walk on the walls!

  • Pdesign says:

    Fab –how/where do you purchase the Cuma wall covering? Do not see it in the "shop YD store"

  • Pdesign says:

    Fab –how/where do you purchase the Cuma wall covering? Do not see it in the “shop YD store”

  • Brendan says:

    I like this. Would be fun for an office that is looking to improve it’s team building.

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