A Modern Twist On The Vase, No, Microwave

Those mornings of quickly running around trying to grab a bite to eat all the while throwing on some clothes and gathering your necessities for the day are all to familiar to us all. It seems that time to accomplish all things becomes harder to find in today’s world. We are constantly searching for new ways to accomplish more in less time. The Microwave Vase designed by Woo Seokmoon allows for those early morning rushes to become a bit more pleasant. The Vase upon first glance looks just like a normal white vase, however after closer examination, you will see that it has much more function than just a regular vase – It also doubles as a Microwave. That morning cup of coffee tends to get cold quickly as you move around trying to go through your morning routine, so why not place that cup inside the vase, twist the top to the settings you prefer and once the green leaf on top lights up, your coffee is heated up once again and your quickly on your way to an enjoyable morning. When not in use, the Microwave Vase can be left out, sitting on your table as a nice, modern decorative piece for your home.

Designer: Woo Seokmoon


  • Woh ho says:

    I foresee horrible accidents occuring during drunken “look at me! I’m wearing this as a hat” moments.

    • bignaz2k says:

      hopefully it has some sort of protection such that it can only turn on when on the base. but im sure someone will mod it anyway and make some sort of a super microwave gun. and give himself superpowers and take over the world.

  • voodoodle says:

    king of fools indeed… i like it. i’ve never understood why microwaves were square when 99% of what i “cook” is round. btw, it looks like the power cable is running into the base, not the cone. so i think the hat idea is out.

  • drumz0rz says:

    this is a very dangerous device. If you were directly exposed to the microwaves, not only would your flesh cook (image 3rd degree burns, only 1/2in. under your skin) and cause instant irreversible blindness.

  • x23 says:

    well. i doubt the microwave portion works without power. and the top part would seem to be the functional microwave emitting portion of the device. looks as if it only gets power (inductively?) when placed on the base. notice the cord on the base? so i imagine you can wear the top part as a hat all day long if you were so inclined. looking at the top and walls of my microwave though… i can’t imagine it being such a good idea.

  • M.S.W. says:

    There would need to be a safety feature to insure that kids (or overgrown kids) don’t try and microwave a animal in this.

    • Bourgis says:

      Only in the USA they need all things filled up with all kinds of safety warnings and double and triple safety features. In the rest of the world we try to use our brains a little bit. If you know how to use that, it is the best safety feature.

  • I think this device is a real dangerous one

  • sirchurney says:

    assuming power comes from the base it is no more dangerous for animals than current microwaves are, come to think of it, it’s only as dangerous as microwaves are, but more convenient. It’d be nice to just slide my microwave over if i needed it from point b to point a. Bravo

  • webby says:

    it could be dangerous but overall i like the design.

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