A Modern Twist On The Vase, No, Microwave

Those mornings of quickly running around trying to grab a bite to eat all the while throwing on some clothes and gathering your necessities for the day are all to familiar to us all. It seems that time to accomplish all things becomes harder to find in today’s world. We are constantly searching for new ways to accomplish more in less time. The Microwave Vase designed by Woo Seokmoon allows for those early morning rushes to become a bit more pleasant. The Vase upon first glance looks just like a normal white vase, however after closer examination, you will see that it has much more function than just a regular vase – It also doubles as a Microwave. That morning cup of coffee tends to get cold quickly as you move around trying to go through your morning routine, so why not place that cup inside the vase, twist the top to the settings you prefer and once the green leaf on top lights up, your coffee is heated up once again and your quickly on your way to an enjoyable morning. When not in use, the Microwave Vase can be left out, sitting on your table as a nice, modern decorative piece for your home.

Designer: Woo Seokmoon