Topoware – Eating is a Journey Plate by Alexandra Deschamps & Karola Torkos

Topoware is a tableware collection that questions the landscape of dining. Taking inspiration from the recent popularity of geography as a media of communication (with Google maps ) and more specifically with topographic maps, which define heights of a landscape two dimensionally, Topoware in turn, “outlines” the dining experience.

Made up of cups, plates, bowls, placemats and a tablecloth, the collection explores the visual and social landscape of dining by using outlines and descriptions to describe, question and push our eating experience, making it really feel like a journey.

Designer: Alexandra Deschamps & Karola Torkos


  • c-dub says:

    They didn’t push this idea far enough. It would be a lot more compelling if the dishes were irregularly shaped, like topography, so the lines actually meant something; true topo lines on a circular dish like this would just be horizontal circles.

  • Compere says:

    Have you really been thinking before designing those items ? When you eat, you generally loose bread crumbs, drops of water and sauce, etc…
    But when you’re eating on such a placemat, you’ll never get it clean again !!! Made of raw wood, you can be sure to get sauce stains after the first use, and within a couple days, dirt will inevitably get stuck within the edges of the different levels !!!!
    It may be pretty, but I give you 0/20 for the praticity of this tableset !

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