NFridge – Modular Refrigerator by Roger Santos, Nuno Horta & Andreia Lopes

The NFridge is an innovative modular fridge composed of small refrigeration cubes that allow consumers to personalize storage according to their needs. It seeks to change modern-day consumers attitude for traditional appliances by providing an innovative design with new materials, textures and forms, which reflects consumers’ personalities and is a means of personal expression. Its dimensions and form are suitable for the most diverse living spaces, as the refrigerator can be divided in parts to become more compact in size, but still maintain a wide storage capacity. The NFridge distinguishes itself not only by its space saving design but also by its functions and technological systems, such as magnetic refrigeration, a green technology that produces constant cold more rapidly than conventional refrigerators, as well as a soft touch operating digital membrane that covers the unit and is resistant to dust and water.

Designer: Roger Santos, Nuno Horta & Andreia Lopes