Vertikal Vodka – First Neckless Bottle by Non Object

In a saturated market of premium and ultra premium Vodka brands, we created the next level of experience for consumers through our design approach that stirs up new emotional responses and connections. Looking at bottle design today, we felt that the premium and ultra premium Vodka beverage category deserved a more progressive design – one that would evoke emotion and push the limits further, while keeping in mind cost implications, engineering complexity and manufacturability. The question we asked ourselves in the beginning was: Can we make a bottle without a neck That is where our journey started and this is the result. The Vertikal Vodka, world’s first neckless bottle. After its initial life as a product, the bottle was designed to be re-used as an elegant Vase.

Designer: Non Object [ Via: Mocoloco ]


  • Nick says:

    How about usability though?

    I’d like to know more about the functionality of the lid/spout.

  • emschelle says:

    “World’s first neckless bottle?” I believe they’ve happened before, and they were called jars back then. What you’ve designed is a tall jar for holding vodka instead of moonshine…or jam.

  • John says:

    The narrow neck of a traditional liquor bottle brings two benefits. First, it helps to meter the flow of liquid so you don’t overflow the shot glass (or beverage glass) so easily.

    Second (and somewhat related), after you’ve had a few drinks and knock the bottle over, the narrow neck gives you a chance to save most of the contents of the bottle before it all spills out, or at the very least, around 30% of the contents of a the bottle are not going to spill out when the bottle is horizontal. Knock over one of these neckless bottles, and 100% of the contents of the bottle are going to be soaking into the carpet.

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