Suspended in Chair

In the design and creation of the following addition to the industrial chair legacy, designer Adam Moller decided with minimal surface area that was at once ergonomically and strategically placed, he’d have the chair to he wished to attain. What chair was that? One that made you forget the object that was allowing you to sit, one that gave you the feeling of floating on air. Sound comfortable – does it stand up? With thin memory foam cushions and a lovely minimalistic overall design? You bet your biffy.

Not one, not two, but three floating panels give you the experience Moller envisioned. Each of these panels works together with the frame of the chair to give you a uniquely iconic posture. And there’s a bonus! Due to the construction method employed in the creation of this chair, there are no fasteners visible to the un-inquisitive user. Clean and fresh.

Designer: Adam Moller