Self Scanner at Airports by Ceren Bagatar

A self scanner which let’s the passengers to scan theirselves in a private place. It warns the passenger about the detected items on their body and in their check bug so that they could take out and replace their belongings before dropping their check-in baggage and going through the security gate. The scanner works by guiding the passenger and giving feedback with its lights and screen.

First it shows the detected items in its metal detector screen. Then it scans the passenger and his or her carry on bag with backscatter x-ray. It then shows the results in the screen and also prints out the results with additional security system information.

The aim of the project is creating a private, comfortable area for the passenger making him or her feel confident, comfortable and ready for the rest of the trip.

Designer: Ceren Bagatar


  • bill says:

    That isnt the smartest idea.
    In Privacy.. doesn’t that mean people can hide things when they are being scanned by.. not putting it in the scanner.
    dont like the idea

  • Teensy says:

    The point is that you know what on you is going to set off the alarm before you go through the line, so you can remove the offending object before you get scanned by the security guards, lessening the chances that you will be delayed. I would have loved to know ahead of time that the metal buttons on my overalls would mean I’d get pulled out of line and hand-scanned for fifteen minutes while the rest of my party zipped through…>_>

  • 那那 says:


  • 那那 says:


  • Steve Jones says:

    If it lets you easily do it by yourself, who’s going to stop the terrorist with a bomb in his shoe that is queuing up behind you?

    • Eric says:

      Read above, you still get searched (possibly.) I think it’s just something else we will have to line up for, no thanks.

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