Cyberpunk case for your AirPods Pro gives the TWS Earbuds an edgy, glow-in-the-dark upgrade

The perfect future-fashion accessory to take your AirPods Pro case from boring to blingy…

Let’s just admit the truth – the AirPods Pro case is downright ugly. There’s so much that Apple could have done, from something as simple as adding a logo, to perhaps using materials like glass or aluminum. Instead, the AirPods Pro case looks like a box of dental floss, instead of like the world’s most popular TWS earphone. The G-CUBE changes that, with its magnetic snap-on design that gives your AirPods an instant makeover in seconds. The G-CUBE’s design both protects and highlights your AirPods Pro case, with a luminous ring around it that glows in the dark, and a lanyard hole that lets you easily hang your AirPods case around your neck like it’s a fashion accessory.

Designer: Alex of Sonkoloro

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The cyberpunk-inspired design of the G-CUBE elevates the AirPods Pro to an absolutely new aesthetic. The two halves feature an outer and inner armor made from an ABS+PC plastic blend (the same plastic used on the Nokia 3310), with rubber pads to cushion your AirPods Pro case from bumps and scratches. Both halves have transparent panels on the front and back, letting you view the case inside, and an open base that still lets you plug a charger in without taking the G-CUBE off. A luminous ring on each side helps your AirPods Pro case glow with a bright green hue, and N52 rare-earth magnets help hold the two halves of the case together with a satisfying MagSafe-like snap.

Magnetic Installation – Built-in 8 strong N52-grade magnets allow easy opening and ensure good stability when closed.

The G-CUBE works like an outer armor for the AirPods Pro, although the way it’s used differs from other cover cases. The way it sits on your AirPods Pro case means you have to disengage the two halves if you want to open the lid to access or return your TWS earbuds. It admittedly adds an extra step to the procedure, but turns it into an engaging fidget-like activity that you can even do with one hand if you practice enough. This also frees up the AirPods case in a way that doesn’t bind it permanently to the G-CUBE. That means you can pop it out whenever you want and place it on a charging pad when it’s on low power, and put it back inside the G-CUBE when you want to step out and have your cool buds hanging from your neck like a mecha-medallion!

The G-CUBE comes in two color variants – an EVANGELION-01-inspired purple with the glowing green ring, and a white with a glowing teal ring that takes inspiration from the awakened form of the Unicorn Gundam RX-0. The G-CUBE case is available for an early bird discounted price of $15 (a secret perk gets you two G-CUBEs for the same price), with a braided nylon neck-cable available as a $3 addon.

Click Here to Buy Now: Two for $15 $60 (74% off). Hurry, exclusive deal for YD readers!