Bloomframe – Window Transforming Balcony by Hofman Dujardin

Bloomframe is an innovative window frame which offers solution for apartments in dense urban areas. The patented Bloomframe is an innovative new building components that acts efficiently as both window and balcony. Bloomframe can be added to new or existing buildings. Its design gives the possibility to use the surface of an apartment to the maximum. In the search of minimizing the surface of future apartments Bloomframe provides a solution. The small freedom in the city appears as an evident and necessary innovation.

Architect: Hofman Dujardin


  • sneppa says:

    Very nice, i like it 🙂

  • Katalog says:

    This is fantastic way to switch from window to balcony. Love it!

  • Barton says:

    i kinda like ti… but when would u need a foldaway balcony as opposed to a permanent one…?

    • AJ says:

      I agree, this solves a problem that nobody has.

      If there is room for the balcony in the first place, then a permanent balcony is the answer. Otherwise you’re inviting unnecessary safety issues with a balcony that hangs from your wall by hinges. I doubt it would ever pass safety certifications.

      Definitely caught my attention though… until I saw the obvious practical issues.

      • JOV says:

        Wrong! Ok, not totally wrong, but a little:
        I live in an old factory building which is protected (landmark status). It’s not allowed to install permanent balkonies.
        So a hidden balkony could solve a problem some people may have…

        Anyway: Cool idea!

  • M says:

    Even cooler if the window was twice the height and the lower window becomes a see through floor and the upper window remains as the third side of the railing. Water intrusion is always an issue tho….hope the seals are high quality and that there is a built in drain system to shunt water out of the unit when folded during rainstorms. I’m a builder so if the price was right and the quality good I’d definitely offer this to clients – I could see this in the obvious urban areas but also in certain designs in our very rural areas where there is an amenity like a creekside location that a host could show off during a party, etc, etc……

  • SHAKES says:


    • Michiel says:

      The answer lies within the question. The one who asked the question brought the answer. Outdoor space for everybody!! Open up your mind and your window, look at the sky, listen to the birds and enjoy the fresh air!

  • popo says:

    Looks like it’s connected in just a couple places to the window frame.

    I can’t see the construction all that clearly from the pictures, but this looks like a serious safety issue over time. Balconies are usually constructed with a support that goes straight through to the floor of the apartment. This works differently — which is fine in the near term. But houses are built for the long haul.

    Not that it’s not cool — but this smells like a designer’s idea and not an engineer/architect’s

  • SadPanda says:

    This is stupid. Nobody will buy this. You have to clean your balcony before you close it, otherwise you’ll have dirt or water in your appartment (and footsteps on your wall).

  • Giorgis says:

    Were do you put that table and chairs that are on then balcony. Look at anybodies room today. There is no room to store what you naturally put on a balcony when it’s open . The window folded away takes up space inside the house. Utter useless …

  • asdf says:

    i would be afraid to walk on it.

  • Martin, Denmark says:

    What a couple of *********, where can I put the things i would use on the balcony? try using the folding kind of F, what if i get water in the apartment, and footsteps on the wall. do anyone open a major size window when the rain is hamering into it ? and footprints, don’t you think thers textures or some kind of plastic that would hide the tracks.. this is so extraordinary, but already invented,,, not the most beautiful balchony, but minimalist and usefull in the city. love it.

  • evilkingteapot says:

    Now, my window is maybe two, two and a half feet across max. Do I really want a two foot wide balcony hanging off the side of my window? Is it going to jut out six feet like some sort of weird space bridge to nowhere? If you have a window large enough for a balcony, chances are your apartment is so nice you don’t need a balcony……….I guess we can all dream….

  • Craig says:

    There’s no way you can convince me that something like this is going to support more than one average adult at best. I can see the class-action lawsuit now as these things come crashing down all over the place as the result of balcony parties.

  • Mmr says:

    This raises an interesting question. The reason that all buildings don’t have balconies isn’t because the architect didn’t want to build them, its because that when you build on a plot of land you are only given a certain number of square feet that you can build. The square footage on balconies typically counts as half a square foot of usable space instead of one whole square foot since you technically can’t live on the balcony. So essentially the building/builder factors in that they can’t really use that balcony space but can eek out a little luxury while not using up all their alloted square footage for the building. So that said, would a balcony like this count against the FAR? And if you installed this would you somehow be penalized? Another note/problem is that technically, you would be standing on the wall when its in use. Footprints on the wall ain’t pretty.

    • Drewheyman says:

      that’s an awfully nebulous comment MMR. what do you mean you are only given a certain number of square feet that you can build? how would that square with building a 10 story building or a townhouse on a certain downtown block, especially if the block or site is zoned a commercial/residential mix and there are no specifications against building either? i would say the main reason that most buildings don’t have balconies is that balconies are incredibly expensive to build vis a vis their utility. that’s why buildings don’t have them.

  • Je Nguyen says:

    i love this design very much
    Good work art!

  • khok says:

    wouldn’t the wall end up looking a bit dirty since you’ve been walking on it?

  • Alp says:

    Very nice idea. I dont like it , I love it. Sometime in the future everyone will be living this way..

  • Eric says:

    Bunch of fu*%&[email protected] party poopers on here. I think this is awesome, I could easily see this being sold and manufactured, just have to think about it, we can do it. Such pessimistic, one-sided, close minded crazy people.

    • Esmond says:

      They’re not being pessimistic, they’re being critical. If all you can say is that this is awesome then you’re the close-minded one. Everyone is looking at different aspects of this product, taking into consideration safety, feasibility, practicality and design. All you say is this is awesome. Sheesh, how old are you.

      • Eric says:

        Excuse me?! I’m being close minded and you aren’t by claiming my age has something to do with my support for the designer? Heaven forbid I comment on here to support a designer in their design process and discourage them from ridiculous claims like the ones made on here. The only way I got to where I am is from support and improvement ideas, and ignoring pessimism that would get me nowhere. These people should be aiding in the process by suggestion improvements, not only commenting to rip it apart. Do you even have a clue how different production lines are from a concept model? You obviously have never designed an actual product. If people like you were telling this same bs to the Wright brothers, I’m afraid I would never have been on a plane. I’m not 15 and I’m not 50, and I don’t support ageism. What have YOU produced Esmond the expert? And before you assume (again) I actually have produced products and sold millions.

  • itzy says:

    i so want one!!!

  • hils says:

    very nice.

    I don’t think foot prints would be an issue for most.
    If your shoes are dirty enough to leave prints on the balcony/wall wont they be all over the carpet and floors anyway?

  • Now that is one amazing window!

  • Now that is one amazing window!

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