TiFinity – Titanium Toothbrush by Dane Robinson

It may be impossible to reinvent the wheel, but the same thing is apparently not true for the toothbrush. Doctor Dane Robinson from Arizona is the brain behind a radically new toothbrush called “Tifinity.” The bristles are made out of titanium and are ultrafine and according to sources is even softer than a regular soft toothbrush. Apparently with this titanium toothbrush you can reach the space between your teeth and the gums where bacteria hides, and unlike nylon, titanium doesn’t absorb water and is thus more bacteria resistant. It is also durable and in laboratory tests Robinson’s toothbrush lasted the equivalent of 2 years. That is certainly a good thing in a world where people don’t change their toothbrush every 3 months as recommended. According to Dane Robinson, DDS/Dentist/Inventor “it’s the finest, most durable toothbrush ever built and it’s more hygienic. It feels better, stimulates your gums better and it’ll really give you better oral health.”

Inventor: Dane Robinson [ Source: Gizmodo ]


  • powers says:

    Awesome. You know that thing would cost an arm and a leg. Or at least a tooth.

  • bender says:

    the first time you hit your front tooth with that thing, youre gonna pick up your old toothbrush

  • chaca says:

    and how much does it cost…? geez. it sure does look cool though.

  • eric says:

    and how do they make sure that these ultrafine slices of titanium don’t cut your gums up?

    if it does what it says, this is pretty sweet. beats the pants off of any other modern toothbrush design

  • cgmasson says:

    The design is pretty ordinary – novel use of titanium isn’t really top notch design. Well manafactured maybe.

  • Mike says:

    This toothbrush just got released. It cleans 15% better then the leading electric toothbrush by sonicare, same abrasivness on your teeth, yet cost only 1/4 the price. $25. Plus nylon bristles loose 10% in performance per month so after 3 months the TiFinity would be 45% better at cleaning your teeth. With the way the economy is I’d say get a TiFinity. It’s better and cheaper!

  • Rocky says:

    I just got my new TiFinity toothbrush and it’s amazing! I was so surprised at how soft the bristles are. My teeth feel so clean and are actually beginning to appear whiter. No more nylon brisltes for me! I will definitely recommend this to my friends and gladly pay the $25 for a better brush that will last much longer and save me in dental hygienists bills. TiFinity toothbrush is awesome!!!!

  • Summer says:

    I just got my brush and all I can say is fabulous! My teeth have never felt cleaner. It reaches spots that only my dentist touches. The bristles are really soft too. What a great idea

  • TeethGeek says:

    Wow! This brush works!! I am shocked about how clean my teeth feel. I get this feeling when I leave the dentist. Its almost as if I am flossing with a toothbrush. Great Product!

  • Anonymous says:

    wish there were more shots of it… more detailing…

    • KAK says:

      Did you go to the TiFinity Website? It has very close, clear shots of the bristles, etc.

  • AMM says:

    I’ve been using TiFinity Toothbrush for 3 months and my teeth have never been cleaner. Flossing is minimal and I use less toothpaste! I like to purchase products that can save me money. I think this is one of them.

  • Ting shu says:

    I just had a big accident caused by a tiny piece of bristles from this brush I’d ordered last year. This piece of titanium hair fell from the bristle and stuck in my throat. It almost killed me!

    • Susan Jones says:

      How did you solve the problem? I’ve had a bristle lodged in my throat for months but they can’t find it – it’s been problematic for me for months!

  • KAK says:

    I was a friend of Dane’s many years back when we were both young and having fun in the snowy mountains of Utah.
    He always had a toothbrush with him and I used to laugh at him driving in the car brushing his teeth. he was obsessed with toothbrushes! I’m not surprised he has gone on to create one of the most advanced, coolest toothbrushes on the market!
    Best thing to know is, not only is he obviously creative and forward-thinking, but he’s full of character.

  • Ed Little says:

    Where do you get one.

  • Ed Little says:

    Where do you get one.

  • I would love to have this but I’m afraid this is for display only. I can’t afford to use this awesome brush.

  • rukshit says:

    I think we need a few long term studies, before the efficacy of this toothbrush can be determined.

  • Rex Hardesty says:

    Would you know how I can contact Dane?
    I wanted to speak to him about an idea I have for a toothbrush.
    My phone number is (714)425-8116
    [email protected]

  • Martha Currie says:

    Please send me info on where to get one, cost etc. I want to try one.

  • Very interesting. A great idea. Thanks for the post!

  • Interesting, creative idea. Glad someone shared this post.

  • Abru says:

    What happened to this toothbrush? all the links dont work to get it

  • rick says:

    These reviews are done mostly by family and friends of the inventor. I have used this brush and have to say it works better than any brush out there….but when one of those bristles break in your mouth, urgent care is not close enough. OMG where did common sense go with this inventor. Metal and brushing teeth should never be put together. There for I must say this product should never be on the market. Imagine a broken piece of sharp metal in your child’s mouth yet alone yours.

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