TiFinity – Titanium Toothbrush by Dane Robinson

It may be impossible to reinvent the wheel, but the same thing is apparently not true for the toothbrush. Doctor Dane Robinson from Arizona is the brain behind a radically new toothbrush called “Tifinity.” The bristles are made out of titanium and are ultrafine and according to sources is even softer than a regular soft toothbrush. Apparently with this titanium toothbrush you can reach the space between your teeth and the gums where bacteria hides, and unlike nylon, titanium doesn’t absorb water and is thus more bacteria resistant. It is also durable and in laboratory tests Robinson’s toothbrush lasted the equivalent of 2 years. That is certainly a good thing in a world where people don’t change their toothbrush every 3 months as recommended. According to Dane Robinson, DDS/Dentist/Inventor “it’s the finest, most durable toothbrush ever built and it’s more hygienic. It feels better, stimulates your gums better and it’ll really give you better oral health.”

Inventor: Dane Robinson [ Source: Gizmodo ]