Last Meal by Erik Strom & Steve Bowden

In an exploration of potential museum experiences, the museum of capital punishment was invented. aolast mealsa is an installation that attempts to bring first hand experience to the table through 310 unique portraits of those executed in the state of Texas. The contents of the menu are comprised of the actual meals requested by prisoners killed on death row thus far. The trays portray a vivid portrait of the prisoners and the incidents that led them to their prosecution. The experience is further pushed, as one sits at confined dining units to digest the full scope, complexity, and finality of that moment. For those who do not have the appetite for this experience there are plenty of declined meals. Collect all 310 souvenir trays.

Designer: Erik Strom & Steve Bowden


  • cati says:

    Very puzzling …

  • Sam says:

    Ummm… interesting? NOT!

  • pamela says:

    hard to exactly know how to feel about this…
    great concept,
    maybe it should be about the victims.
    that would screw up the design which is brilliant.
    Immortalizing those who have caused great pain to many defeats their demise.

  • Cansa Makina says:

    Boru bükme, belirli bir şekle ve dizayna sahip boruların yeniden şekillendirilmesinde kullanılan işlemdir. Bu işlem metal, alaşım, alüminyum, titanyum ve çelik için geçerlidir.

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