Easier To Pick Up Coins

Coins haven’t really changed their function or core design since their inception. For the most part, they’re all flat and round – two characteristics that make it difficult to pick up. This coin by designer Hyun Woo Kim has a beveled edge. Apparently it’s angled just enough for easy pick ups. Hey, anything to shave a few seconds off from bending over to pick a coin up is aces in my book.

Designer: Hyun-Woo Kim

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  • hey says:

    I don’t think is easier.

  • Do says:

    횽 축하해요~

  • Sanghyun Jeong says:

    Very cool. I like it.
    I don’t think it is developable that easily from current coins.
    Simple but impressive solution.

  • what’s the point?

  • Shiella says:

    I thought coin are start being left as currency…Maybe change the function will make it exist.

  • Hacik says:

    This idea of picking up coins easily (e.g. from the floor) is in direct contradiction with space-saving store of coins. Coins designed above have greater thickness and therefore by solving one problem, designer creates another. That said I believe that standard coins have better design (compare how often you need to pick up coins from the flat surface versus how often you need to carry them in your wallet or whatever). I believe designing non-flat surface from which the coin is easy to pick (like you can see at cash desk in your local store) is the correct way. Anyway, it’s good start, please, keep trying to bestow things, you’ve got potential…

  • GL says:

    I don’t think they stack up well. Which is another essential for coins.
    Maybe adding a big chamfer on the edge would be more reasonable.

  • Nacon says:

    one word….. magnet!

    get it on!

    • RKdesign says:

      Did you know that magnet screws every bus tickets and etc. badly? no point to apply magnet. But nice try!!!

  • 원래 100원짜리 동전이 더 이쁜거 같은데…..개인적으론,,

  • 최락용 says:

    원래 100원짜리 동전이 더 이쁜거 같은데…..개인적으론,,

  • Jason says:

    Simple but brilliant.

  • ekyujin@hanmail.net says:

    전부터 나왔던 아이디어 입니다.
    위 사진처럼 제작할시에 바닥에 붙은 동전을 줍기 쉬워지지만

    무게 및 두께가 늘어나고 생산 단가 또한 높아지게됩니다.

  • Christine Chung says:

    Its practical but I don’t think its the shape that prevent people from picking up doped coins on the street. It’s the worth of money that has been degraded.

  • 차차 says:

    얀코에 한글댓글 참 오랫만에 보네요^ㅡ^
    저도 이 디자인을 보면서 기존 동전을 50개?100개?단위로 포장하는 그 종이 포장이 더 길어지며, 신 천원권때도 그랫지만,. 동전투입구 크기를 넓혀야되는 부가적인 효율이 떨어지지않나 생각했었어요,

  • 차차 says:

    얀코에 한글댓글 참 오랫만에 보네요^ㅡ^
    저도 이 디자인을 보면서 기존 동전을 50개?100개?단위로 포장하는 그 종이 포장이 더 길어지며, 신 천원권때도 그랫지만,. 동전투입구 크기를 넓혀야되는 부가적인 효율이 떨어지지않나 생각했었어요,

  • hwan says:

    뭐그래도 시도는 좋으네요^^

  • vios says:

    your idea now appear in 2011 IF concept design competetion but the designer wasn’t you~ you should to ckeck off !!

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