This LEGO Rolex Submariner Is A Masterpiece for Luxury Watch and LEGO Fans

The vision behind this LEGO project was to create a stylish art model tailored to a sophisticated adult audience. Surprisingly, the realm of luxury mechanical wristwatches remained unexplored in the LEGO universe. The Rolex Submariner, with its iconic status and unparalleled cachet in pop culture, emerged as the perfect candidate for this venture.

Designer: LEGO + ROLEX

The robust and angular aesthetic of the Submariner’s “super” case design seamlessly translated into the LEGO system. This transformation resulted in an impressive and eye-catching exhibition piece, perfect for display in a home study or office.


The gold Rolex Submariner is a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Introduced as a premium variant of the classic dive watch, it embodies both robust functionality and opulent design. Originally launched in 1969, the gold Submariner combined Rolex’s innovative diving technology with a striking gold finish, appealing to those who sought both performance and prestige. Over the years, it has evolved with enhancements in materials, movement, and design, maintaining its status as an icon in the world of horology.

Design Features and Functions

The LEGO Rolex Submariner boasts several distinctive design features, including:

  • Signed Brevet Crown: This detail captures the signature element of the Submariner, highlighting its luxury heritage.
  • Functional Rotating Bezel: A fully operational bezel that replicates the functionality of the real Submariner.
  • Gilt “Mercedes” Hour Hand: The iconic hour hand, meticulously recreated to reflect the original design.
  • Sword Minute and Lollipop Second Hands: These hands add to the authenticity, ensuring that every minute detail is accounted for.
  • Luminous Applied Indices: Using glow-in-the-dark LEGO pieces, the model mimics the luminescent markers of the actual watch.
  • Date Window: An accurately positioned date window adds to the realism of the model.

This model, with its 1,622 pieces, perfectly showcases how design and engineering come together, highlighting both brands’ dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.

Visual Appeal

The detailed construction of the LEGO Rolex Submariner captures its stunning attention to detail and faithful recreation of the original timepiece. The combination of gold and black elements, along with the intricate design of the bezel and bracelet, highlights the luxurious feel of the Submariner while celebrating the playful creativity inherent in LEGO constructions.

A LEGO Rolex Submariner blends the world of high-end horology with the playful and creative spirit of LEGO. This collaboration pays tribute to an iconic watch while offering a unique building experience that bridges luxury and creativity. The result is a collectible masterpiece that resonates with enthusiasts of both brands.