Side table and shelf uses monochromatic lines and dots springing up from the ground

When it comes to side tables and shelves, I’m the kind of person who prefers it to be functional (also, affordable) rather than aesthetic. But there are also those who prefer for their furniture to be both functional and also pieces of art. Fortunately, there are a lot of designers out there who are experimenting with form while still making them useful as their original purpose.

Designer: Taeg Nishimoto, TN/MOS

Lines and dots is one such kind of furniture wherein the side-table and free-standing shelf are both pieces that you can use to place your items but can also double as sculptures in your space. It uses various materials like clay, wood, sisal twine, discarded concrete chunk, and liquid rubber to bring you something that looks pretty unique with its “spontaneous geometry” kind of design.

The lines are actually intertwining pieces of twine that start from the bottom and up. The concrete chunk that serves as the base is used to attach the sisal twine which also passes through the circular, horizontal planes in the middle. Those planes are the shelves and even though they are round, they are not perfectly circular so you get a sense of movement. The twine lines are covered in clay by hand and the traces of the fingers applying it are left there. Afterwards, all parts of the side table and shelves are covered with white liquid rubber while the clay lines get black dots.

Since the side table and shelves are in white with black dots, it comes “alive” when you place objects with vibrant colors on it. The entire look of these lines and dots gives the impression that your furniture actually “grew” vertically from the ground up. You can only place a few objects on it because of its small size but the main point is adding to the aesthetic of your space.