With Three Bedrooms, This Tiny Home Is A Comfy & Cozy House For A Family Of Five

Designed by Evergreen Homes Australia, the Grevillea is a great housing option for families, as it can accommodate up to five people, although it may be a tight fit. The home features a clever space-saving layout that includes three bedrooms as well as a well-designed kitchen. All these features have been snugly fit into a length of 8.4m. The home is named after an evergreen tree and is founded on a triple-axle trailer.

Designer: Evergreen Homes Australia

Equipped with a black metal exterior and timber accenting, the home has a stylish matte finish to it. It features a glass door that leads you to a compact living room equipped with a small sofa and a wood-burning stove. The interior of the home is quite light and spacious. Generous glazing and high ceilings add an airy vibe to the home. Tiny nooks and smart shelving help in maximizing the storage space within the home. The kitchen is positioned next to the living room, and it is pretty well-stocked. The home includes a two-burner propane-powered stove, fridge/freezer, microwave, dishwasher, a full-size electric oven as well as a sink. The kitchen also contains a seating area with stools and a breakfast bar for two. The breakfast is amped with a pull-out table area.

The master bedroom is located next to the kitchen, and it has plenty of headroom to stand upright since it is positioned downstairs. The bedroom features a queen-sized bed, with a bathroom placed on the opposite side of the home. The bathroom houses a full-sized shower, composting toilet, and vanity sink.

Besides the master bedroom, Grevillea also accommodates two loft bedrooms. The larger bedroom can be accessed via a storage-integrated staircase and is like most loft-style rooms found in tiny homes. You can enter the smaller bedroom through a wooden ladder, and it can house one person. It can be used for storage as well, if not a bedroom. The tiny home is powered by a grid-based hookup, though it can be equipped with solar panels if the owner decides to adopt an off-the-grid lifestyle.