Lightweight stroller concept transforms into a backpack when not in use

When I go to amusement parks, this single woman sometimes feels pity seeing parents lugging around heavy duty strollers for their kids who decided they prefer running around the area then later on deciding they’re too tired to walk. Most of the strollers are bulky and heavy, adding to back problems and joint problems for the parents (aside from the back pain from carrying the child around). This new concept says that it’s the most compact and lightest baby stroller even as the mechanism is still patent pending.

Designers: Mick Beliaev and David Popkov

Iva is a stroller that can be stored into a backpack when not in use. It is 1.6 inches slim and 4.4 lbs light, which apparently is lighter than the 16-inch Macbook Pro. It is also pretty easy to assemble and pack, once you get the hang of the mechanism which seems a bit complicated at first. But once you’ve mastered it, it should only take around 60 seconds for you to fold and unfold.

The stroller itself has an Aviation Aluminum 7075 frame-enclosure and includes four pipe-shaped legs with soft rubber wheels. It is designed according to the US Safety Standard F833 for carriages and strollers. You can also detach the backpack so if you want to get a new color or design, you can just buy a new backpack part. The video showing the designer’s 7-year old kid riding the stroller seems to show that it’s pretty durable and as comfortable as a stroller can get.

The Iva stroller isn’t as cushy or enclosed as most of the strollers we see in the market but those are probably some of the things you have to give up to create what is supposedly the lightest one. They said they are selling the project to a larger brand or it may also go on Kickstarter in the summer.