Zen-like music player concept is inspired by vinyl design and ancient Chinese poetry

Vinyl players are having a resurgence as the younger generation has discovered the joys of listening to analog music. There are also some music players and even gadgets that have adapted the vinyl player aesthetic even though they don’t actually play LPs. It’s all about the nostalgic vibes that come with it since it seems we’re all about reliving the “classic” days even for those who were not even alive at that time.

Designers: Ziqiang He, Hao Zhang, Yunan Lin, Sihong Chen, and Yue Gao

The Musipple music player is one such device but it adds another dimension to its design: ancient Chinese poetry. Its inspiration is from a poem written by Wei Yingwu during the Tang Dynasty. Basically the idea is that trees create ripples when they touch the water and the birds on these trees are singing. So adapting both the idea of the poem and the vinyl player aesthetic, we get a unique looking Bluetooth music player that brings together Chinese culture and modern technology.

The music player has ripples in the center with a pole on the side. To turn on the player, you need to place the pole into the center of the ripples just like you would a vinyl player. In this case however, it’s a Bluetooth music player rather than an actual vinyl. There are controls for volume and bass on the side which lets you turn a dial to adjust, adding to the analog aspect of this digital player.

It would have been nicer if it was an actual vinyl player though, rather than just a music player since as mentioned, this kind of nostalgic devices are making a comeback. If it becomes a commercial product, it would be interesting to see if there’s a market for such faux vinyl players.